I’m a chef, podcaster, spiritual coach and instagrammer (among other things). But above all else, I’m a vegan! I entered this life transforming path in the middle of 2003, and it completely changed my world view. Over the years, my experience of running my own ethical vegan food business and food blog has helped me build many beautiful connections in the vegan community in India.

Vegan influencer in India Susmitha Veganosaurus holding out a glass of what appears to be beet juice towards the camera and laughing. Blurred background.

When I discover a vegan product or conscious organisation that I love, I cannot shut up about it!

I’m an outspoken proponent of collaboration over competition and a follower of the abundance mindset. So I’ve been freely and unreservedly talking about my favourite brands for many years now…almost as if they were my own.

The entrepreneurs behind some of these businesses have even joked that I’m their unofficial brand ambassador. haha

I can’t help myself, that’s just who I am. I truly want to help small, conscious businesses that I believe are worth supporting. And I also want to introduce my tribe to amazing choices that are great for them and great for the world.

Now with my podcast and increasing social media following, I’m taking things to the next level. I believe that through official partnerships that offer compensation, I can market and promote brands that I like and trust in a more active and efficient fashion.

I am only willing to promote

  • Products that I have personally tried and truly liked
  • 100% vegan products and services – even if your brand isn’t completely vegan, if you offer vegan products, I’ll consider partnering with you to promote just the vegan products
  • Conscious organisations doing work for the betterment of the world – veganism, sustainability, reforestation, empowering (rural) women, fair trade, etc.

It’s not enough that I like your brand, you should like working with me too. Being in alignment with our working and communication styles is so important. And of course, I should be able to genuinely help you grow through my promotions.

Ways you can work with me

These are the formats with which we can currently partner.


Products: You’ll send me your vegan products to try out. If I genuinely like them, and feel like there’s a scope for me to promote them creatively, then I’d be happy to work with you.

Services: Similar to the products, I will need to experience the service and approve of it before I agree to promote it to my tribe.

Organisations: If you’re an organisation without any specific products or services that I can try out, but you’re doing conscious work for a greater cause that resonates with me, we can surely discuss an alternate format for a mutually beneficial affiliation.

As soon as I’ve tried your product or experienced your service I’d be happy to give you an honest review/shout out on my instagram stories (regardless of whether we decide to affiliate or not). If the product really inspires me, I might even do an instagram post, but I can’t promise you that always. The story I can do for sure.

Once this is done and we’ve determined that we’re a good fit to work together, then any of the following options can be explored.


This one’s pretty straight forward. It’s a simple, casual partnership.

  • You’ll share referral codes* with me that’ll offer discounts to my tribe
  • I promote these codes at my discretion, in whatever creative ways that occur to me via one or more of my platforms – email, instagram, podcast, blog post
  • I receive a commission on the sales my referrals generate
  • You’ll provide me access to a dashboard where I can login and track my referrals easily

*Codes are preferable to links because they’re easier to promote and easier for my audience to recall while shopping. However, if you’re unable to generate codes and can only create links, we can figure out how to make that work.


Affiliation is a free flowing process. Sponsorship on the other hand is more organised. I’ll be paid in advance for marketing your brand to my tribe. And there will be previously agreed upon format of deliverables that’ll be executed in a methodic fashion.

These are the different ways in which I can generate sponsored content for you. You can pick one or multiple of them.

  • Instagram live video where I review and recommend your product/service/organisation (either by myself or with the founder of your brand)
  • A written post about your product/service on instagram, and a set of insta stories
Instagram specifically for Food/Ingredients
  • If your product is a food ingredient, an instagram post with the recipe typed out and then shared to my stories.
  • Or an instagram live recipe demonstration using your ingredients which will then be posted to my IGTV
  • Short advertisement within a podcast episode where I talk about your product/service in my own words, and mention it with a link on the episode’s blog post and show notes
  • Podcast interview with your organisations’s founder where we discuss the feel good story behind the brand, with links to your website and social media in the episode’s blog post and show notes

My compensation differs with each of these modules. Once I try out your product/service, I can come back to you with suggestions on which of the sponsored options might work best for your brand, along with the pricing.

Looking forward to our collaboration

So reach out to me over email or instagram with details about your business. I’d love to build a meaningful partnership with you if we’re a good fit.

Also, if you have any other ideas for ways we can work together, I’d be happy to hear them out.

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