Tell me what you’d like to focus on and attract into your life – peace, love, abundance, success, joy. I’ll create a personalised meditation recording and send it to you.

It’ll be a visualisation meditation with rich imagery and gentle, yet powerful affirmations.

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Recording Process for your Custom Guided Meditation

My meditations aren’t planned in advance. I sit in a quiet place and connecting within to a higher energy – angels, guides, higher self, The Universe, whoever chooses to connect to me at that moment. And then I just relax and allow them to share their message through me, as I record.

I don’t follow one specific kind of meditation practice. So my meditations are a fusion of various techniques, translated into simple guidance. I just go with the flow during the recordings.

I don’t use any background music. You’ll be hearing just my voice. If you’d like to get an idea of my style, listen to some of my recordings on Insight Timer.

Are these custom guided meditations for you?

The best thing about guided meditations is that they’re suitable for everyone.

Whether you’ve never meditated before or have years of experience with meditating, you’ll find that a personalised meditation can be a very beautiful, promising way to stay aligned with love.

No matter where your mind wanders, my voice and the imagery will gently guide you back into the moment. So regardless of your experience level, you can totally meditate like a boss!

Thoughtful Gift

You can also get a personalised guided meditation created for someone you love. It’s a unique and thoughtful gifting idea.

The process is similar to getting a meditation made for yourself. Let me know about the person you’re gifting the meditation to. What would you like to help them bring into their life?

Then I’ll channel and create a recording for them and send you the audio file. You can then share it with them. Imagine how happy and touched they’ll be.

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I am most comfortable leading the meditations in English. But I will gladly do Kannada recordings for you too. Or if you’re like me, then you might actually prefer Kan-glish. haha

I also do a passably decent job with Hindi meditations. I often used do these for my team when Carrots Restaurant was operating. But the language won’t be perfect and there’s likely to be a bit of English mixed in there.

Businesses and Organisations

If you’re a business looking to have a meditation recorded for your team, to inspire and motivate them, or for their general happiness and well being, I’d be happy to work with you and create something to suit your vision.

Holding regular meditation sessions for my own team has been amazingly beneficial to all of us, and our business.

When a group sits together to meditate, it’s an immensely powerful and positive experience. The whole space gets filled with high vibe energy. So this is something I highly recommend to all organisations!

Lots of women, with a couple of men, sitting on chairs, eyes closed, meditating together.

Sounds interesting? Here’s how you can order your custom guided meditation recording

The recording will be 20-30 mins long. Once the purchase is done and the form is filled up, I’ll have the meditation recorded and mp3 file emailed to you in one week’s time.

Step 1: Make the payment via the relevant option below

For Indian Rupees ₹3500

For US Dollars $75

Step 2: Fill out the form in detail

Step 3: Sit back and wait to receive the audio file via email within one week

In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

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