Want to make your own vegan dairy alternatives at home from scratch, but don’t know where to begin? You’ve come to the right place, my friend! 😃

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I’m a big proponent of making your own plant based mylks, curds, dips, and cheeses right at home. Yes, the range of products available in the market is constantly expanding, and we should totally be supporting conscious brands. Especially small, local businesses! But when you empower yourself with the knowledge to make your own vegan alternatives, you won’t be completely dependent on outside availability.

Once you learn the basic techniques, the possibilities of ingredient combinations you can use are limitless. You’ll be able to come up with mylk products that are perfectly suited to your taste and budget.

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Also, guess what, it’s sooooo much easier to make dairy alternatives than you’ve been imagining!

I’ve been obsessively experimenting with making plant mylks and curds for two decades. So as you can imagine there have been a lot of successes and disasters. My mission is to ensure you bypass the disasters and swoop right into successes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Over the years I’ve shared so much information on this topic, on various platforms. Ask me about vegan mylks or curds and I turn into a complete enthu-cutlet, talking endlessly. 😛

This page is your one stop shop into the Veganosaurus World of Vegan Dairy Alternatives. Below you’ll find links to my most popular plant mylk product recipes and talks. Some are in video format and some in text. If you need additional help, I’ve also linked to my workshops, and one-to-one consultation option.

Take your time exploring everything, and have fun experimenting! I promise, you’ll love the freedom and joy of making your own vegan mylk products.

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