❉ Want to grow your conscious business in a more easygoing, satisfying, and harmonious way?

❉ Need guidance with making vegan food?

❉ Desire happiness, peace and ease on your vegan journey?

❉ Curious about how you can include simple spiritual practices like meditation, manifestation, mindfulness, and abundance mindset into your life and work?

If you found yourself nodding “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place, my friend!

Smiling Indian lady with super short hair (mohawk), wearing a black shirt. Green leaves in the background. Chef Susmitha Veganosaurus.

Hi, I’m Susmitha (pronounced Sus-mi-tha), a Vegan Multi-Passionate Creator and Coach. I read voraciously, find humour in most things, and believe kindness and authenticity can make this world a happier, loving place. I’m most in my element when I’m teaching, cooking, and playing with clay.

Welcome to my home on the internet!

Vegan cuisine and holistic business building are my two biggest passions. This is what I help people with. If you’re looking for guidance with vegan cooking, or want to grow your conscious business with a focus on self-care and a mindset of abundance, get in touch with me. I’d love to chat.

Kind Words from Students/Clients

Close up headshot of Shruti Mishra, young Indian woman with lovely curls. Wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

“I’m struggling to find the right adjectives to describe Chef Susmitha. I first met her soon after I’d turned vegan – at a Dairy alternatives workshop at Carrots restaurant. I eventually did 2 more workshops with her later again – since the first one was so great. With her guidance – you come to understand that no recipe has to be rigid – you can be flexible with whatever you have at your disposal – and you will still end up creating something yumm. These small workarounds, easy hacks – are golden.

She is someone who teaches the most complex-sounding recipes – in the most easiest way. Not only does she simplify the method, and the ingredients – she also keeps giving you MIND-BLOWING tips, tricks, and easy hacks – that’s just some golden ish right there. She also has an amazing eye for flavours and textures – and shares very on-point technical feedback. I always feel so much more confident with a product at A Little Dipsy if I know that it’s Susmitha-approved!

I’ve also attended her raw, whole-food desserts workshop, and later a Mastermind workshop as well. Apart from her technical teachings as a Chef – she’s such a bright person – her contagious smile and infectious positive energies can lighten up any room – even virtual rooms like her Insta Live discussions. Cannot sing enough praises of this amazing woman. I hope to keep learning from her, and pray that her positivity impacts anyone and everyone around!”

– Shruti Mishra
Vegan Chef, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, A Little Dipsy

“It was so lovely talking to you today. We highly appreciate the way you detailed each and every minute areas of starting a new setup. You have covered all basic areas we need to work on before commencing and your words of motivation and enthusiasm has uplifted our spirits to come back to you soon with all the probable replies. Thank you so much again for being a great mentor in our journey.”

– Anubha, Kavita, Silky
Conscious Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Restauranteurs

Short haired Indian lady, Neha Agarwal of ViaZeme, looking at the camera.

“I approached Susmitha in a rather difficult time, as we were assessing our business health. From then to now has been an incredible journey, that has rendered me not just a guide and philosopher, but also a friend in Susmitha. With her guiding me and helping me take some important calls, I feel that the signal on the path to inevitable success is always green.

Regardless of which stage your business is at, I would definitely recommend seeking Susmitha’s coaching so that you are exposed to someone as knowledgeable and adept as one can be and also find the comfort of a friend and confidant in someone who cares for you beyond professional realms. I can’t thank Susmitha enough for all the knowledge, value, care and affection she brings to the table – thank you.”

– Neha Agarwal
Clean Wine Brewer, Healthy Fudge Maker, Vegan Entrepreneur, ViaZeme and Wondrous Wines

Smiling India girl wearing glasses. Ekta Minocha. The Vegan Birdie.

“Every moment spent with Susmitha gets infused with her positivity. Her Abundance Mindset workshop helps you understand all the things that hold you back from doing your best for your businesses and from living your best life. And she puts it all so simply and beautifully. She is an embodiment of what she teaches and has put so much love into making these courses. Thanks Susmitha, for being you.”

Vegan Baker, Yoga Teacher, The Vegan Birdie

“I thoroughly enjoyed (and laughed throughout {in a good way!}) Susmitha’s workshop! That may seem like an odd choice of words for something like a workshop which is often perceived to be boring, but what differentiates hers is that she steers clear of the dime-a-dozen recipes on the internet.

And of course, her high energy vibes! I came in looking for answers to some very specific questions but what I didn’t expect to do was to leave with a refreshed and positive mindset towards cooking/dairy alternatives as a whole. That’s probably the best takeaway one can get.

There were also several tiny details for the observant listener and I caught quite a few. Never have I taken notes so enthusiastically. I was even motivated to set up a dedicated notebook to document my obsessive journey into dairy alts and I’m glad her workshop was the first entry.

Glad to have found someone who shares my enthusiasm for vegan curd and good cup of chai. ☕🥛 It’s a very quick and productive session for those who are new to the world of vegan dairy – you’ll see that you needn’t compromise on anything or limit yourself, in more ways than one.”

Lalitha P

Close up headshot of shored haired Indian girl. Supriya Suresh. Hues of Life, Vegan Quickiee.

“The Ideal customer avatar workshop that you conducted was beautifully set, I felt really great after that workshop, you’re an awesome host and coach, I had a thought provoking interaction with you and Sonali. The group being small was an add on, to feel connected with each other more at a deeper level, understanding what we would want in our customer and thanks for answering all those insecurity based questions too. It was a motivational boost that I needed that day. I liked how only few things you had structured and rest all went in an organic flow. I have started reminding myself and manifesting my ideal client. Thank you for being you, an angel you truly are.”

Supriya Suresh
Architect, Yoga Teacher, Artist,
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching


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