Susmitha holding large lemons and smiling at the camera. Greenery in the background. Location cliffside villa at Ravello, Italy.

Hi, I’m Susmitha. I’m a Vegan Chef, Holistic Business Coach, Podcaster, Joyful Vegan Transition Guide, Public Speaker, Meditation Guide, Abundance Mindset and Mindfulness Coach, Artist, Healer…Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.

❉ Are you a conscious entrepreneur who wants your work life to be more easy, fun and stress-free?

❉ Does adding more mindfulness and joyfulness into your daily life sound like just the thing you need?

❉ Do you want to dive into the world of dairy alternatives and level up your plant based cooking skills?

❉ Would you like to learn how to be a super joyful vegan?

❉ Looking to get your unique, conscious products/services in front of an audience who’ll truly appreciate them?

If you found yourself nodding “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place, my friend!

Explore this website to find out about all the ways we can work together. I would love to help you!

Podcast Art. Susmitha in a black dress, laughing with joy. The Feel Good Factor with Susmitha Veganosaurus.

The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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Contemplative talks, interviews and meditations, covering a wide range of topics. Compassion, self-love, wellness, abundance, conscious entrepreneurship, women supporting women, and so much more.

Make happiness your highest priority!

Online Courses and Events

Carrots and Veganosaurus Culinary Training Club Image
Join the Carrots and Veganosaurus Culinary Training Club!

Access to video recordings of online recipe master classes by vegan chefs.

Ignite your Joy! 5 Day Mini Course poster.
Ignite your Joy! A great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Five day mini course with techniques to help you make happiness a priority.

Vegan Immersion Experience with Susmitha Veganosaurus. Veganosaurus logo. Voice bubble: A holistic approach to living a super joyful vegan life.
Enroll for the Vegan Immersion Experience Course!

Vegan cooking, mindset techniques, spiritual practices and more.

Abundance mindset for conscious entrepreneurs. Online master class with Susmitha Veganosaurus. Woman holding lots of oranges in her hands, close up image. Mandala design. Veganosaurus logo.
Abundance Mindset for Conscious Entrepreneurs.

Online master class conducted periodically.


Susmitha standing and speaking into a stand mic. Arms spread out. Smiling. Wearing long, frilled sleeves and crystal bracelets. Super short hairstyle.

Speaking Engagements

Expertise in dairy alternatives, vegan food and baking. Spiritually aware activism, self care, manifestation. Guided meditation sessions for groups.

Close up of beetroot cutlets on a black background. Flour dusted around them. A link to Chef Susmitha Veganosaurus' recipe blog.

Vegan Recipe Blog

Dairy alternatives, baking, desserts, snacks, raw food, traditional South India foods, global and fusion main courses, and so much more.

Susmitha, sitting crosslegged on a tyre, eyes closed, face tilted down lightly. Palms on knees, facing upwards.

Personalised Meditations

What would you like to focus on and attract into your life? Get a meditation recording with affirmations and visualisation made just for you.

Vegan business coach from India, Susmitha Veganosaurus, seated at a table and smiling at the camera with a fruity drink in front of her.

Business Coaching

Guidance for vegan women entrepreneurs to build and grow your business in a holistic way, with a focus on self-care and mindset of abundance.

Hands-On Plant Based Cooking and Baking