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Ceramic square with the text "write without fear. edit without mercy." On the left, blurred succulent plant in a small pot closer to the camera. Veganosaurus newsletter page image. Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash.

You’ll receive stories from my life written in a conversational style, designed to provoke your thoughts and serve you.

You can expect a wide range of topics across the emails, some of which are:

  • Simple practices for joyfulness, mindfulness, self-care, well being and slow living
  • Holistic business guidance for heart-based entrepreneurs
  • Vegan recipes and cooking hacks
  • Tips to lead a super joyful vegan life
  • Manifestation, visualisation, abundance mindset, moon cycles and other woo woo stuff

The newsletters also include:

  • Updates about my latest content – podcast episodes, blog posts, videos
  • Recommendations of inspiring content by other creators and authors
  • Occasional announcements about my workshops, courses, and services

Get ready for some high vibe, uplifting energy, and wit. There’s nothing that delights me more than to make you, my Feel Good Tribe, laugh!


“I’m sure you’ve heard this from every other person you talk to but, what I really like about any interaction with you is your energy- it really sets you apart! The vibes and humour really come through even in the written form, like the newsletter, your monster sculptures, the Italy stories and the rude awakenings, or even captions on regular posts 😁 They’re all something I always note and appreciate, because it never fails to tickle me and I deeply love the power of words.”

Lalitha P

“Every moment spent with Susmitha gets infused with her positivity. [She] helps you understand all the things that hold you back from doing your best for your businesses and from living your best life. And she puts it all so simply and beautifully. She is an embodiment of what she teaches and puts so much love into [her work]. Thanks Susmitha, for being you.”

Ekta M

Susmitha holding large lemons and smiling at the camera. Greenery in the background. Location cliffside villa at Ravello, Italy. Veganosaurus Newsletter.

I’m Susmitha (pronounced Sus-mi-tha), a Spiritual Vegan Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. I read voraciously, find humour in most things, and believe kindness and authenticity can make this world a happier, loving place. I’m most in my element when I’m teaching, cooking, and playing with clay.

When I say “multi-passionate”, here’s what I mean: I’m a vegan chef and food consultant, holistic business coach, podcaster, blogger, meditation guide, joyful vegan transition coach, jewellery and clay artist, reiki channel, goddess/tarot/angel card reader… Yeah I know, that’s quite a mouthful! Haha

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