You’ve started to explore making plant based food. You don’t quite need a cooking or baking class, but you could definitely do with some guidance. This is where I come in.

Hi, I’m Susmitha. I’m a vegan chef, food consultant, teacher, and business coach.

Vegan food consultant Susmitha, Indian lady with super short hairstyle. Smiling wide at the camera with eyebrows raised. Holding a white plate in one hand and a slice of vegan pizza in the other. Wearing pink and grey top and dangling earrings.
Vegan Chef Susmitha Veganosaurus. Bent over plant based ingredients in black bowls on a table. Wearing a white chef coat and a maroon chef cap. Palms turned outwards to indicate the ingredients. Looking happy.

I have:

  • Been vegan for nearly two decades
  • Created one of the oldest vegan recipe blogs in the country
  • Taught hundreds of people, including professional chefs, to make plant based food
  • Run India’s first 100% ethical vegan restaurant with in-house bakery and culinary academy for seven years
Chef Susmitha Veganosaurus conducting a vegan consultation session. Hands raised as she speaks. Men sitting at a conference table and listening intently.
Speaking about Vegan Cuisine at Christ University’s Chefs Symposium

As you can imagine, when I went vegan, there were absolutely no intentionally vegan options in the Indian market! For years I had to fend for myself.

Plant based mylks, curds, cheese, tofu, tempeh, pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes, chocolate mousse, ice creams, Indian sweets…I’ve made all of these, and more, from scratch. I’m obsessed with trying several combinations of ingredients to see which ones work well together and elevate the dish to the next level.

My authority in vegan cuisine comes purely from my years of personal experience, filled with successes and disasters. 😄

I also have experience in making WFPB (whole foods plant based), raw, and allergy friendly foods. Though these are not my primary areas of expertise, I have a fair amount of knowledge about them too.

Vegan cooking demonstration. Left: Chef Susmitha in white chef coat cooking, Chef Ram in black chef coat watching. Centre: Glass table with ingredients, blender, induction stove. Right: Students, three women, watching and taking photos on their phones.
Vegan Baking Workshop at Carrots Restaurant

Today, we’re spoilt for choice with vegan alternatives. The number of vegan food businesses in India has grown exponentially in the past few years. And the non-vegan businesses are quickly realising the potential of introducing plant based options into their menus and product lines.

Plant based food is trending and going mainstream in a big way. Don’t be left behind!

By understanding plant based ingredients and cooking techniques better, you can modify your existing dishes to veganise them, and also develop new vegan recipes of your own.

Here’s what people are saying

Indian couple, man and woman. Wearing traditional clothes and smiling at the camera, black background. Dr. Achyuthan Eshwar and Shyamala Suresh.

“Susmitha is an amazing Vegan Chef! There are good chefs, and then there’s Susmitha. She has an in-depth understanding of flavours and textures that closely parallels her love for good food. She is the first to step forward to support the Vegan Movement, always with a ready smile.

She is one of the first people we send our experiments to. If Susmitha loves it, everyone will. Thanks Susmitha for supporting Sampoorna Ahara in empowering people and animals to live compassionate, healthier lives!”

— Dr. Achyuthan Eswar and Shyamala Suresh (Sampoorna Ahara)

Close up headshot of Shruti Mishra, young Indian woman with lovely curls. Wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

“I first met Chef Susmitha soon after I’d turned vegan – at a Dairy alternatives workshop at Carrots restaurant. I did 2 more workshops with her later – since the first one was so great.

With her guidance – you come to understand that no recipe has to be rigid – you can be flexible with whatever you have at your disposal – and you will still end up creating something yumm. These small workarounds, easy hacks – are golden.

She is someone who teaches the most complex-sounding recipes – in the most easiest way. Not only does she simplify the method, and the ingredients – she also keeps giving you MIND-BLOWING tips, tricks, and easy hacks – that’s just some *golden* ish right there. 

She has an amazing eye for flavours and textures – and shares very on-point technical feedback. I always feel so much more confident with a product at A Little Dipsy if I know that it’s Susmitha-approved!

I’ve also attended her raw, whole-food desserts workshop, and a Mastermind workshop. Apart from her technical teachings as a Chef – she’s such a bright person – her contagious smile and infectious positive energies can lighten up any room – even virtual rooms like her Insta Live discussions. Cannot sing enough praises of this amazing woman. I hope to keep learning from her, and pray that her positivity impacts anyone and everyone around!”

— Shruti Mishra (A Little Dipsy)

Book a culinary consultation call with me.

I’ll guide you, and clear your plant based cooking queries to the best of my knowledge.

My guidance will shorten your learning curve, so you can experience more of the delights and less of the messes as you explore vegan cuisine.

Some sample questions:

  • These are a few of my signature non-vegan dishes, how do I make them vegan friendly?
  • Which creams taste richest in pasta sauce?
  • How do I get my dishes to be more meaty/eggy?
  • I tried making vegan mylk, curds, etc., and it didn’t turn out well, what can I change to make the recipe work?
  • Can we emulate the taste of butter or ghee without using vegan ghee or butter replacements from the market?
  • Which commercially available vegan products would you recommend?
  • What sneaky animal derived ingredients should I watch out for in packaged products?
  • In what ways can I become less dependent on commercial ingredients (dairy alternatives, sauces, dips, etc.), and make them in-house instead?
  • How can we prepare gut friendly probiotic rich vegan food?
  • What’s the difference between vegan and plant based?
  • In what other ways can I make my restaurant, café, food business more friendly and attractive to vegans?

Sounds interesting? Book a vegan culinary consultation call with me.

Single 60 min online audio consultation call: $90 (USD), ₹2500 (INR)

(India pricing considers lower purchasing power parity)

Slots are available on weekday afternoons/evenings (Indian Standard Time). If the available dates/times on the calendar don’t work for you, drop me an email before you pay to find out about alternate times/ways we can do the consultation.

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Slots are available on weekday afternoons (Indian Standard Time). If the available dates/times on the calendar don’t work for you, drop me an email before you pay to find out about alternate timings for the consultations.

For Indian Rupees ₹6500

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