I’m a Vegan Chef and Culinary Consultant, Public Speaker, ex-Restauranteur, Podcaster, Holistic Business Coach, Meditation Guide, Artist, Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur… and I love to talk!

Clear communication and teaching are two things I’ve always been fascinated with. On topics I’m passionate about, I can speak with complete confidence and great zeal.

When I’m on a stage, I’m in my element. And my hands take on a life of their own. *laughs*

Susmitha standing and speaking into a stand mic. Arms spread out. Smiling. Wearing long, frilled sleeves and crystal bracelets. Super short hairstyle.
At OMBC Discover Healthy Baking Conference – Speaking about Vegan Baking

I’ve been vegan for nearly two decades, so that makes me one of the few people in India who embraced this way of life before the concept was well known. Along my journey, I’ve experienced many interesting, enlightening and hilarious questions and situations related to this lifestyle. As a result, on vegan related topics, my speaking style tends to become anecdotal and humorous.

I’ve also been on the path of spirituality since I was a teenager. So in everything I do, including in my business, cooking classes and vegan activism, I bring in my spiritual practices of meditation, healing, abundance mindset, manifestation techniques, spiritual protection, and so on.

In the recent years, I’ve been invited to speak at many conferences and panel discussions. I’ve given lectures at colleges and cooking demonstrations at culinary organisations. And I’ve also conducted guided meditations for various large and small groups of people.

Since we all began working online from home, I’ve participated as a panelist and guest speaker on numerous webinars and social media live sessions.

Susmitha Subbaraju sitting in a chair and speaking. Mic in one hand, other palm raised up and turned towards her in communication. Fellow panelist lady sitting next to her and looking at her.
At Christ University – Panel Discussion featuring Conscious Entrepreneurs

Areas of Authority

As of now, the topics below are the ones I’m very comfortable addressing. But as I learn new things and find other passions, the list is bound to shift and transform.

  • Dairy alternatives (talks and demonstrations)
  • Vegan cooking and baking (talks and demonstrations)
  • Veganism as a way of life and how to be vegan
  • Conscious entrepreneurship
  • Guided meditation for groups
  • Abundance mindset and manifestation
  • Mindfulness and joyfulness
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Strategies for women entrepreneurs
  • Spirituality and veganism
  • Spiritual tools for activists of all causes
  • Whole foods plant based and raw foods (talks and demonstrations)
  • Creating and running a Podcast
  • Building online courses that align with your passion
  • The many facets of running a restaurant

Videos from some of my Speaking Engagements

Conscious Choices – Spiritual Sciences International Meet (Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement)
Vegan Baking – OMBC Discover Healthy Baking Conference
Breaking Myths about Veganism – Chef’s Symposium at Christ University


I have an appetite for learning languages. I suspect this is because of my eagerness to communicate well and connect with people in a meaningful way. If I’m in the midst of people speaking a new language, I’m bound to quickly pick up a few phrases, which I will then proceed to use with glee.

I’m most at home with English and Kannada. These two are equally my first languages.

I can do a passable job of conversing in Hindi, Telegu and Tamil too.

Engage Me for a Talk

If you think my talks and meditations would add value to your online conference, webinar, panel discussion or podcast, then get in touch.

I’ve been told by my audience that what they love most about my talks is the positive, high vibe energy I effuse.

The secret behind this is simple. My time and my energy are precious to me, so I consciously limit the number of engagements I take on. I request you to be mindful of this when you reach out to me.

Susmitha, seated crosslegged on a chair, holding a mic and speaking. Four other panelists also seated on chairs next to her on stage.
I always sit cross-legged in Sukhasana