How you contribute to your conscious business ecosystem matters

You’re passionate about a cause. Launching a conscious business that aligns with the movement seems like a natural step. You create your line of products/services. People are loving it. Awareness about the cause is being spread. Wonderful!

Now ask yourself…

What am I doing for the fellow conscious businesses in my community? 🤔

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No matter how big or small your venture is, you’re in a unique position to contribute to your conscious business ecosystem from the inside.

Since you provide something a certain set of people need and appreciate, they’re willing to listen to you. Their opinions about the other businesses in your movement get influenced by your words.

It’s a very special power to have, and it’s very easy to wield it in either a hurtful or healing way.

Left Photo: Terrarium in a glass bowl. Right Text: Are you Nurturing your conscious business eco system or Poisoning it?

Within my own vegan business community, here are some things I’ve heard certain entrepreneurs say about others.

“They’re expensive and profit minded”
“Why should they promote only gourmet products, and not local ones?”
“Their obsession with being healthy/fairtrade/eco-friendly increases the prices. They should stop diluting the cause.”

This behaviour might stem from:

Scarcity mindset, “More customers for them means less for me.”
Narcissism, “Only I should get all the attention.”
Arrogance, “My way is the best way to run things.”

The big picture however is…

When we actively hurt one business within our ecosystem, we’re hurting the WHOLE movement!

As with everything else in nature, here too diversity is extremely important. It’s the only way to normalise our cause.

People have all kinds of tastes and preferences, so of course many varieties of products need to exist – premium, affordable, healthy, processed, gourmet, local…There’s an audience for every single one, and more.

We only need to remember, even if we don’t agree completely with the way another business runs things, we both share the same core cause. We’re each trying to help the movement in your own way.

So let’s unreservedly promote and support each other. There’s pure magic in collaboration.

Our precious conscious business ecosystem will flourish. Within it, all of us will thrive! ☺️🌺🌸🌼

Susmitha Veganosaurus

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