Four practices to help you spend more time ON your business than IN it

You’ve started a brand new venture and you’re fizzing with excitement! 🍾 At first, every task and challenge, is a fun adventure. You want it all to have your personal touch. That passion fuelling your brain makes you believe you can to do every single thing yourself.

☎️ “I’ll give my number to all customers so they can reach me anytime.”
🛺 “I’ll personally deliver the goodies myself, even if it means spending an hour commuting.”
👩🏻‍💻 “I’ll stay up late into the night responding to all queries on emails/messages.”

Guess what? It gets old. Fast. (Believe me, I learnt this the hard way. 🤣) When the business is small it might work. But the moment you start growing, overwhelm hits!

So here’s the golden question. Do you want your business to expand beyond hobby level? Then behave like a damn boss! 😎

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Spend more time ON your business than IN it. Here are some simple practices you can put into place to make this happen:

  1. Avoid repetitive tasks. Make whatever you can systematic and automatic right from the get go.
  2. Delegate. Don’t spend any time or energy where you don’t have to personally do so. Trust your team.
  3. Outsource. Look into what services/apps are available out there that will help you simplify your life.
  4. Collaborate. There might be similar businesses already doing what you need to. Connect with them and see how you can support each other.

Some of these things cost money yes, but we all tend to forget that our time is money!!!

If you spend all your time on running your business, then you won’t have the mental, physical, or emotional bandwidth to build it into something bigger.

Besides, if you’re spread too thin, you won’t be able to deliver the best experience to your customers either. 😨 Personally, I’d rather pay a little more for a seamless, easy experience, than get dragged into the business’s issues. Wouldn’t you?

So spend some time today introspecting on where you’re personally executing tasks you don’t have to. You’d be surprised at the revelations and the solutions that present themselves. ☺️

Susmitha Veganosaurus

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