What others think of your business, is none of your business!

“They’re just a greedy, elitist brand who don’t care about the cause.”
“They’re not stylish enough. They should look more upscale and attractive.”

“They use plastic boxes, how irresponsible!”
“These eco friendly packs leak. What a mess!”

“Your healthy food isn’t tasty enough for me.”
“Don’t use oil and sugar. They’re bad for health.”

When you’re a heart-centered entrepreneur, you expect love from your community. And thankfully, most people are amazingly supportive. ♥️

But do you want every single person to appreciate the way you do things? Sorry buddy, not happening! 🤷🏻‍♀️ No matter what you do, there’ll always be people who find fault.

Large, red street sign that says "WRONG WAY". Road in the background with traffic cones, lights, hoarding.
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Some people crib because they’re just whiny bullies who want to feel better about themselves. And some people give “advice” because they truly care about a cause and believe they’re making a positive impact.

Either way, it’s not your job to get mired in these opposing, self-doubt inducing opinions.

You’re not some disgusting multinational fast food chain or a sweatshop retail brand without principles. 😡 So stop letting people treat you like you are!

Never let anybody guilt trip you, regardless of if they’re being polite or a jerk.

You obviously started your business because you care about helping a positive movement grow. And only YOU know the practicalities of running your business.

An outsider cannot even begin to fathom everything you’re going through trying to survive, and grow your venture in a conscious way.

So cut out the external chatter, and instead look inwards to your intuition and conscience. Trust them to guide you.

🌟 Whatever you’re doing, does it feel right to you and make your soul happy? Are you doing the best you can? Then you’re on the right track, sweetheart. 🌟

Sometimes you might need external guidance. When you do, look to the people whose wisdom you value. 💕 The few who have your best interests in their hearts. Let them guide you with love and understanding.

But ultimately, it’s up to you to take the right actions for your business, in alignment with your conscience and capacity.

Susmitha Veganosaurus

Shorth haired Indian lady, beaming a wide smile. Flowers in the background. Vegan business coach and chef Susmitha Veganosaurus

“I’m a Spiritual Vegan Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. I read voraciously, find humour in most things, and believe kindness and authenticity can make this world a happier, loving place.

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