5 steps to choosing inspiration over desperation in your business decisions

Your business has hit a tough phase. As the days go by, you feel cornered. You want to desperately claw your way out.

Then the fear monster starts screaming its ideas at you. “Discounts!” “Combos!” “Groupon!” “Slash your prices!”… Bottomline? “If you don’t reduce your self worth, then customers won’t buy from you.” 👹

Though it feels wrong, you halfheartedly run a discount offer anyway. But it’s not as effective as you’d hoped. You’re now in victim mode. 😭😤 Down the spiral of frustration. Resenting everyone.

That’s a result of acting out of anxiety and desperation. We’ve all been there.

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🌸 Now flip this. 🌸

You have an idea. It fills you with a bubbling sense of promise and potential! You know you’re about to create something amazing and can’t wait to make it happen. 🤩👍🏽

There’s excitement. And when you make any effort at all, momentum builds. Things work out beautifully.

This is very likely how you felt when you first thought of launching your heart-centered business. That feeling propelled you through the ups and downs of the initial start up process.

That’s the power of letting inspiration guide your actions.

Desperate actions drain you, drag you, make you feel small and helpless. Inspired actions fill you with positivity and help you cruise along smoothly.

But how can you feel inspired when things are difficult? Baby steps…

  1. Stop struggling and detach from the situation.
  2. Remember this is only a temporary phase. Shift your focus to what’s going right in your business and feel grateful.
  3. You have time now. Work on the systems you were too busy to put into place when business was good.
  4. Surrender to a higher energy (angels, spirit guides, Goddess, your subconscious…) and ask for guidance.
  5. When ideas come, test them with your feelings. Inspiration is when they feel exciting, like you want to do them. Desperation is when they feel frustrating, like you’re forced to do them. Choose the excitement.

And just like that, you’ve tapped into inspiration.

Never forget, your business journey is meant to be easy, smooth and enjoyable.

Susmitha Veganosaurus

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