Curiosity can be a great friend to you!

Often we come across new concepts that question our entire way of living! They shake our core beliefs. Though these ideas might make absolute sense theoretically, they might seem difficult or even impossible to practically embrace. In these situations, what does your immediate reaction tend to be? Is it resistance?

I’ve often seen this happen when people find out about the reasons to go vegan. I even personally experienced this resistence the first time I heard about veganism.

We all know that mammals need to give birth to be able to produce milk for their babies. But I had never thought to connect the dots between cows and buffaloes giving birth and the milk products I casually consumed on a daily basis. For a milk producing business to thrive, the cows and buffaloes they use need to get pregnant again and again. Give birth again and again.

Learning about veganism made me stop to wonder. What happens to a female whose body is impregnated year after year against her will? What happens to all those calves?

At first I didn’t want to know! It was too overwhelming, too sad to think about. Then I learnt some more and going vegan made sense in my head. But still I resisted.

When we’re afraid to face a difficult truth, our beautiful minds make up excuses and create mental blocks. The two most common ways this resistance to change manifests itself is through Helplessness and Defensiveness. We can catch ourselves at this if we’re mindful of our thoughts and feelings.


You find yourself saying, “it’s not possible”, “it’s too hard”, “I could never do it.” The change is too big, too scary.

Why do we sell ourselves short? Do we have such lack of faith and confidence in ourselves that an idea can scare us off even before we consider it properly?


Your way of living being questioned scares you so much that you argue and justify that the concept itself is rubbish.

In my case, I was terrible to my vegan friend. I told him he was being extreme. I’d take dark pleasure in teasing him and all the other people who were following this lifestyle. Giving up on chocolate cakes and curd rice for some foolish hope of changing the world. *scoff scoff*

If defensiveness is your way of resisting a new way of living, stop and think. Why is it making you so angry? What in your conditioned beliefs is getting triggered?

Instead of helplessness or defensiveness, what if you tried CURIOSITY?

Brown squirrel, peeking out from behind a tree branch. Ears perked up. Looking curious.
Photo by Hasse Lossius on Unsplash

What would happen if you genuinely ask, “hmm, I wonder what it would be like if I gave it a try?” 🤔 Let yourself visualise your life after embracing the new way of living through the lens of hope and positivity.

Just that honest consideration opens you up, creating an important mindset shift from “I can’t do it” to “How can I do it?”

You follow that up with:

“What steps can I take to begin?”
“Who can help me?”
“Where can I find more information, inspiration, and guidance?”

Ask. Question. Explore. You’ll be led to the answers. You will find the support you need.

I did. And believe me when I say it created incredibly beautiful shifts in my life and who I’ve become.

So the next time you’re faced with an important, apparently scary, life changing decision, approach it with curiosity. Express the clear intention that you’re stepping on to this conscious path and ask for support. Once you do that, the Universe will take care of guiding you in ways you had never imagined!

Susmitha Veganosaurus

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“I’m a Spiritual Vegan Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. I read voraciously, find humour in most things, and believe kindness and authenticity can make this world a happier, loving place.

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