Growing mushrooms taught me these life lessons

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And then suddenly, it’s as big as my head! Haha

Growing your own mushrooms is a novel feeling. It’s unlike anything else a gardener experiences.

The first time I started the process with a mushroom growing kit I followed instructions on the box and started spraying water a few times each day. For 13 days the block just sat there with a blank face. Absolutely no sign of life. Then suddenly, on the 14th night, these adorable baby mushrooms were peeking out from the hay. Over the next couple of days they just blew up in size!

The second time around was an even bigger test of faith.

I let the block rest for the recommended few days, then I began the spraying process again. This time the wait truly seemed hopeless. Two whole months went by. But as frustrated as I felt, I didn’t give up. Then into month three, suddenly there were shrooms again! This time they grew even bigger.

Top Left Text: The Mushrooms we’re delicious. The life lessons from growing them? More so! Right Photo: Short haired Indian girl, holding up a large oyster mushroom in front of face and peeking out from behind it.

With a regular plant, once the seed sprouts, you get to witness its progress. You water it, nurture it, and it grows. The evidence is right there. You see it, you believe it. But with mushrooms it’s the opposite. A key principle of manifestation coming into play. You have to believe it before you see it.

There’s no visible activity at all for weeks and weeks together. You just have to trust and keep spraying water consistently. Karma Yoga in all its glory. Just do your work in the now, without attachment to the outcome. The rewards appear suddenly and unexpectedly.

Absolute Faith + Consistent Baby Steps of Effort + Shitloads of Patience + Curiosity. That’s the formula for… pretty much anything in life! Haha

As it turned out, the Mushrooms were delicious. The life lessons from growing them? More so! ☺️♥️

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