This simple mantra of surrender has been deeply powerful in my life, work and creativity

Close up of hand drawn doodles and Zentangle art with the words “Idam na Mama” handwritten to one side.
From my little book of affirmations and doodles

“Idam Na Mama” is a Sanskrit mantra. Translation: “This is not mine”.

These simple words are a very powerful affirmation of surrender. In the past few months the mantra has helped ease my life in so many ways!

The beauty, the pain, the good, the bad, all that I create with love, all that’s out of my control…when I remember to say “Idam Na Mama” and let it go, I experience deep peace.

🤲🏼 There’s incredible freedom when we surrender to a power greater than ourselves. The divine, the Universe, Guardian Angels, your higher self…whatever resonates with you.

It makes sense of course to surrender anything we don’t want – annoying situations, hurtful people, hurdles that appear insurmountable, pain or discomfort…

Say “Idam Na Mama” and you’ve expressed the clear intention that you don’t want it. “This isn’t my burden to bear, please take it away from me. Thank you.”

✨ But even more magic happens when you surrender everything you do want. All the good in your life. ✨

You’ve just completed a big project, or launched a new product. Perhaps made a delicious meal for your loved ones, or created a beautiful work of art…Once you’re done, don’t attach any expectations to it.

“How will everyone like it? What will their reaction be? What kind of positive impact will it create on the world? How many people will it help?”

Don’t dwell on any of that. Instead, just mindfully say “Idam Na Mama” and release it.

When we say, “this is not mine”, we’re essentially saying, “My work here is done, now it’s out of my hands. Do what you will with it.”

Do your good work, wash your hands off, then trust in a higher intelligence to take over in the best way possible.

Hand drawn doodles and Zentangle art with the words “Idam na Mama”, “This is not mine” and “Surrender” handwritten.
From my little book of affirmations and doodles

As I publish this post, I say “Idam Na Mama” and step away in trust. It will serve its divine purpose for the highest good of all. (So meta!) ☺️♥️

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