My Baked Tofu Formula for Joyful Success in Life and Business – Episode 63

In this episode of The Feel Good Factor podcast, learn how you can successfully apply the process for making delicious baked tofu to business and life and achieve smooth success on your own terms.

The feel good factor podcast, episode 63. Susmitha (short, wavy haired Indian lady), closing eyes, holing out a plate of food to the camera and smiling. My baked tofu formula for joyful success in life and business.

I mix the sauces and tofu together, cover and let it marinate, bake everything, relish the dish, and slow down to let it digest.

That’s an excellent process to achieve delicious baked tofu, but it also works successfully in other endeavours.

Here are the five steps:
  • Inspiration – creation/planning/ideation
  • Marination – allowing the ideas to come together
  • Action – doing the work
  • Celebration – savouring and honouring everything that led to this success
  • Relaxation – resting after a job well done

In this episode I explained each step in detail, and share how you can incorporate this process into your business and personal life.

Implement the system and watch things fall into place beautifully. It’s an enjoyable cycle that keeps your work, your projects and your life flowing smoothly.

Listen to the full episode on the embedded player below, or on your preferred podcast app. Write to me @veganosaurus on instagram with your biggest takeaways.

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“Success is not success unless it’s on your own terms. It cannot be success by the definition of the world or somebody else, it cannot be. It has to be on the inside. And for that you need to be fulfilled, you need to be joyful. You need to be satisfied, and you should be feeling really good.

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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