Mediocrity is Underrated – Episode 118

Mediocrity is underrated. Did that title shock you? Okay, hear me out. I’m not saying we should all just settle for a mediocre life, not at all. And I’m not even saying we should just settle for being mediocre at everything. There are some things we’re meant to do. Stuff we’re so naturally good at that we can’t help but be amazing at them.

But how often have you caught yourself thinking, or maybe heard somebody else in your life say, “I want to do this thing, but I’m not very good at it, so ditch it”?

It makes me so sad when I hear people say this. The fact that they think they have to be really good at something to pursue it, or to even try it out. Even if it brings them joy anyway. At some point in our lives, some idiot fed us this utter bull crap: “you must excel at something (or try to do so), otherwise it’s not worth your time and effort”.

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We all need to stop believing that nonsense right now! It’s a direct result of glorifying hustle culture

The hustle culture we live in, which exists now predominantly through most of the world. We think we have to achieve something, do something, go somewhere, create something great in the world… And that is only when our life is worth living.

We need to get rid of that, because we’re meany to be, we’re meant to enjoy life. Not just be doing things and achieving things.

Feel like sketching? Do it. You don’t have to be some super talented artist for that

Singing makes you happy? Learn new songs. Go into your room and sing to your heart’s content. No one’s saying you have to be the next whichever country’s idol to pursue your love for music.

How about writing for the sheer joy of it? You don’t have to match up to the level of your favourite author, you know!

Now this is something I’ve caught myself thinking quite often. I’m like, “okay, I can write, but I’m never gonna be anywhere as good as Marian Keyes, or Terry Pratchett, or Caimh McDonnell.” laughs It’s very silly actually, this thought.

You get the idea: Not everything you do has to lead somewhere

Do it for your own happiness and contentment.

Isn’t it ironic that in our obsession with perfection and excellence in everything we do, we end up making the quality of our life itself mediocre?

You might not be good at something, or you might even suck at it, but don’t deny yourself the experience of it if it calls to you. Dip your toes, splash around pointlessly. Have fun!

We all deserve a life of deep fulfilment, joy, fun, and above all, freedom

Freedom to spend at least some, if not all, of our time doing whatever the eff we want to do (obviously in a responsible way without hurting others, duh!)

So stop setting unnecessarily high standards for yourself in every single thing you pursue. And, just because you’re mediocre at it, doesn’t mean it’s wasteful.

If you’re a multi-passionate like I am, you probably relate to what I shared today. Don’t hesitate. It’s in your nature to pursue various interests, to try out various passions.

Just do it, regardless of if you’re good at it, or not good at it

Dabble in it, sometimes go deep into it, it doesn’t matter. If it calls to you go into it.

And if you need help to do this in a joyful, peaceful way. In a way of ease and grace, then sign up for my upcoming mastermind and course, Harmonious Multi-Passionate Life.

The second cohort starts on October 2nd. The course on my online academy, sign up. I’m really looking forward to seeing you there.

And that’s it. It’s a short episode for today. Take care. Talk to you again next week.

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