Living Outside The Box with Shivya Nath – Episode 57

Conversation between Shivya Nath and Susmitha Veganosaurus about breaking the norms, being vegan, making life decisions outside the box and so much more.

The Feel Good Factor, episode 57. Digital nomad and travel writer Shivya Nath, wearing glasses and a "WHO INVITED THE VEGAN?" tee. Seated at an outdoor table, looking down with a smile and reaching with a fork to a chocolate cake. Living Outside The Box with Shivya Nath.

The thing I love most about podcasting is getting to have meaningful connections with a bunch of awesome folks! In the year (and few months) since The Feel Good Factor was launched, I’ve been able to reach out to so many people whose unique voice and message I admire, and invite them to have a conversation with me on the show.

This interview with Shivya Nath is one of the most enjoyable exchanges I’ve had the privilege to experience. Shivya is all about thinking and living outside the box. She’s a proponent of breaking norms and forging your own path in life. And through her work she inspires others to do the same.

I loved how easily we were able to converse with each other and smoothly navigate multiple topics. If we hadn’t had internet issues on the day of the recording, I think we might’ve gone on chatting for an additional hour. haha

We discussed:
  • Life as a digital nomad
  • Solo travel stories
  • Our creative processes
  • Developing your voice as a writer
  • Balancing authenticity with privacy
  • Feeling financially secure as a freelancer (especially in these uncertain times)
  • Shivya’s latest project, Journeys
  • Consciously aligned collaborations
  • What she liked about my Vegan Immersion Experience course
  • The positive impact we can create on others through our work
  • How to travel the world as a vegan
  • Being “cornered” into discovering hidden skills
  • Thinking outside the box
  • And more…

I just know you’re going to love getting to know this amazing woman!

Listen to the episode in the embedded player below or on any podcast platform.

I think we need to stop listening to all these voices that are around us and listen to the voice within. That’s the one that identifies with our passion, our conscience. And it can really guide us in directions that we never imagined we would move.

Shivya Nath – The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus

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More about Shivya

Shivya Nath is the founder of the award-winning travel blog – The Shooting Star, a bestselling author and a leading advocate of solo, offbeat, vegan and responsible travel. In 2013, she gave up her apartment, sold most of her belongings, stored some in the boot of a friend’s car and hit the road indefinitely. 

She has appeared on the cover of National Geographic Traveller India and been featured by The Washington Post among travel influencers changing the way we think about the world. Her work has appeared on BBC Travel, Conde Nast Traveller and many leading national and international publications. During the pandemic, she co-founded Voices of Rural India – a passion project that aims to build digital storytelling skills and alternate livelihoods among rural communities across India.

You can connect with Shivya on Instagram @shivya.