How to tap into the energy of love and help someone when things are not in your control – Episode 56

Learn how to tap into love energy and help someone by using the power of positive visualisation, when things are not in your control.

The Feel Good Factor, episode 56. Blue swimming pool, trees. In the distance to one side, lady in a red flowing dress standing and looking out towards the water. How to tap into the energy of love and help someone when things are not in your control. Power of positive visualisation.

What can you do when scary things are happening in the world and you feel helpless at the unfairness? What can you do when you want to heal someone or keep them safe, but you’re not in a position to do so? Use the power of positive visualisation.

I had a different episode planned for this week, but with what’s going on right now, I felt we’re all desperately in need of some guidance. So I sat down and meditated, and channeled the messages I received into a recording.

I trust that this episode will help us all to create a positive impact on the world today, and as we work towards causes we care about in the future. Some of topics covered are:

  • Focusing on what you can do instead of on what’s not in your control
  • Protecting yourself from negativity and hate
  • Not getting attached to others reactions and opinions
  • Raising your vibrations before taking any action
  • The power of surrender and visualisation

I’ve also included an 8 min long Positive Visualisation exercise (starts at 12:00, ends at 20:00). Make sure to sit in a quiet place and try it out. It’ll immensely uplift your energy and feelings right away.

Listen to the episode in the embedded player below or on any podcast platform.

Don’t look at the situation as people who are for it, against it… No don’t look at it in a divided manner. Instead, look at it as a whole. And look at it as, this situation needs to be healed. It doesn’t matter how it gets healed, what it needs is more love to be brought into it.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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