Emotionally Aligned Productivity with Kris McPeak – Episode 53

If you love your full time job, but also want to effectively use your free time to build a side hustle and have a healthy work life balance, then you’re in for a treat with this episode. Kris McPeak, productivity pro shares loads of tips!

The Feel Good Factor podcast, episode 53. Photo of a blond woman with short hair smiling at the camera. She's wearing headphones and has a large mic in front of her. Emotionally Aligned Productivity with Kris Mc Peak.

Last week we focused on inspiration, this week let’s delve into productivity. Today’s guest, my friend Kris McPeak of the Elevate Your 8 podcast (aka Got Side Hustle Show) is a pro in the art of planning and getting things done!

Kris has a full time job, and has multiple side hustles too. She shares how she creates a framework for her days but also relies on her feelings to decide on what to do. It’s all about being present in the moment and checking in with yourself while also checking things off your tasks list.

Our conversation in this episode touches on various topics.

  • Morning routines
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Making pretty checklists
  • Creating a roadmap for your day
  • Giving yourself permission to put things off
  • Determining what method works for you
  • Becoming an author and podcaster
  • Balancing your full time job and side hustle
  • And so much more…

I love Kris’s fun, uplifting energy and I’m sure you’ll connect with it too.

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If you’re not aware of what system works best for you, then try a few things out. And the one that makes you feel the best is gonna be the one that you should embrace.

Kris McPeak – The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus

More about Kris

Kris McPeak is an author, educator, podcaster, and 9-to-5 Side Hustler.  Her show, Elevate Your 8, helps career professionals and entrepreneurs find Time Freedom.  The Elevate Your 8 philosophy is simple:

  • honor your work-life alignment by working only 8 hours a day
  • honor your wellness by sleeping 8 hours every night
  • The Other 8 Hours – GRAVY.  

It’s all mathematics and prioritization. 

By day, Kris works for a community college foundation.  In her downtime, Kris runs a non-profit US Masters Swim Team with her hubby, manages her podcast, and enjoys knitting and swimming.

Connect with Kris on Instagram @krismaspeak and check out her books on Amazon.

Profile shot of Kris McPeak looking up with a voice bubble that says, "Got Side Hustle?"