Sanskrit Affirmation of Purnam: Wholeness, Completion and Fulfilment – Episode 114

The meaning and significance of the Purnamada Purnamidam shloka/prayer. A simple affirmation to remind us that completeness (Purnam) is within us and around us. It’s always in our own power to feel whole and fulfilled.

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Sanskrit Affirmation of Wholeness, Completion and Fulfilment – Purnam

(gently edited transcript for a better reading experience)

There’s a beautiful Shloka in Sanskrit, it goes:

Om purnamadah purnamidam
purnat purnamudachyate
purnasya purnamadaya
om shanthi shanthi shanthihi

These words act as a very simple and powerful affirmation. They talk about purnam, which could be described as wholeness, completeness, a sense of fulfilment.

Fulfilment is there, fulfilment is here (meaning everywhere). The source of fulfilment is fulfilment. And if you take away fulfilment from the fulfilment, all you’re left with is fulfilment. Peace, peace, peace.

It’s a great reminder that deep fulfilment, a sense of wholeness, completeness, is always within our own power.

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You feel a sense of abundance when you’re fulfilled

You don’t feel a need to get external validation, or the need to depend on someone else to make you feel good about yourself, to make you feel deserving and worthy.

When you tap into your deep fulfilment, and focus on creating more of it in your life all the time, then you’re perpetually in bliss and joyfulness. And it’s a calm kind of joy, calm kind of bliss. It doesn’t have spikes and falls. It just steadily fills you up as you move forward in your life with ease and grace.

I listened to this shloka, these words of affirmation, for the first time about two years ago

It was at the end of a spiritual class that I attend every week. When they recited this prayer, I initially didn’t know what it meant, but somehow that energy of it, its vibration, attracted me. It felt so powerful!

So of course I went online and looked it up, translated it. My mind was blown! In such simple words it’s a great reminder that we’re always surrounded with completeness and wholeness. And all we need to do is allow ourselves to feel this wholeness, and not let ourselves feel like we’re incomplete without certain people, situations, things…whatever, in our lives.

Instead, we’re whole and complete, and we’re always tapped into the wholeness of the universe entirely

So today’s episode is a really short one. I just wanted to talk to you about wholeness, completeness, fulfilment. Spend some time thinking about how you tap into this feeling of self sufficiency without looking at outside sources to complete you, to make you feel whole.

What activities do you do when you feel this sense of fulfilment? And what situations do you put yourself in where you don’t feel the sense of wholeness and completeness? This is something for you to contemplate on deeply.

It’s a really simple topic, but it runs deep, and it’s so powerful

So yeah, look for fulfilment all around you. And always remember, the source of fulfilment is always fulfilment. If you take away fulfilment from fulfilment, you’re left with fulfilment.

This is all for today. I wish you a wonderful, fulfilling, contemplative week, as you tap into your own deep sense of wholeness and completeness.

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