Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life – Episode 111

Why do we need to follow fulfilment above the more surface level, fleeting feelings? In this episode, we take a deeper look into the five practices to include so you can be more joyful, and manifest your most fulfilling life.

  1. Cleanse and Release of Useless Energy Periodically
  2. Indulge in Acts of Self-Love Often
  3. Follow the Good Feelings instead of Things/Outcomes Always
  4. Be Mindful Constantly
  5. Visualise and Affirm Regularly

If you’d like to learn hands on how to inculcate these practices (and many more), join my workshop at Bangalore Creative Circus on Sun, Aug 13th 2023.

Listen to the episode on the audio player below 👇🏽 (or on any podcast app that you like). If you prefer reading, then scroll down for the edited transcript. Enjoy! 🙂

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Transcript: Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life

(gently edited for a better reading experience)

Hahaha You thought I was gonna miss an episode this week, didn’t you? Nope. Not gonna happen. Every single week I’m here, maybe a little late sometimes, but I’m always here.

Hello! If this is your first time listening to The Feel Good Factor, I’m Susmitha Veganosaurus, and I’m so glad to have you here. And if you’re a regular listener, welcome back!

So this is the reason for the delay this week. Usually, either on Wednesday or Thursday I record and publish my podcast episode every single week. That’s what I do. But this time, I was preparing for this in-person workshop that I’m going to do next month.

In-person, after so many years of just teaching online

I’m gonna get to meet people and talk to them. Spend the day with them. Teaching, laughing…Oh my God, I’m so excited about it!

I used to love conducting workshops at my restaurant when it was open. Then of course, you know why everything shut down, and we weren’t able to get out of home and all that.

And yes, during that entire phase, those two-three years, it was really nice to have all this technology that supported me to teach online, to take classes, workshops, everything online. And those were really really nice too, because I always keep my sessions cozy, I limit them to smaller groups. Or even sometimes just one-to-one, and that’s very nice. It has a very personal feeling even though you’re not meeting in person.

But getting to meet people live, you know, seeing someone hugging them, talking to them, smiling, laughing with them, I think that has a different magic entirely of its own.

Because I was preparing for the workshop and then writing to my newsletter folks about it, I got really busy.

I put a lot of thought into my newsletters

I just send them out once or twice a month, but when I do sit down to write them, I spend hours writing, talking, refining. It’s a creative project in its own right for me, writing my newsletters.

So I have to share everything that I do: all my workshops, classes, upcoming things, the free events or paid events, whatever I have, I have to tell the people on my Feel Good Tribe first. That’s my newsletter. If you want to join, sign up here, so you’ll be the first to get access to anything that I offer.

Now even though I shared all the information with my Feel Good Tribe first in complete detail, I wanted to play around a little bit on Instagram and have some fun. So I posted a story earlier this week, saying, “I’m going to be doing my first in-person workshop after three years. Can you guess what the topic of the workshop is about?”

Screenshot of story on @veganosaurus Instagram about what the workshop will be about. Photo of Susmitha, short haired I'dian lady, wearing capri pants and stripes blue tee. Sitting like a boss on an artistic, large single person sofa. Sipping on a glass of water. Looking at the camera with eyebrows raised.

Anybody who’s been reading my posts, or listening to the podcast or anything for even a short while knows that I’m a multi-passionate, I have various interests and I teach many things.

So I wanted to see which workshop people thought I’d be teaching, and the answers I got had me smiling wide

Instagram story responses to the question about what workshop I'll be teaching. There were a lot of guesses, but no one responded correctly – Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life workshop.
Namita‘s comment (that last one) makes me laugh each time I read it! hehe

Some people said, “is it about entrepreneurship?” and some others said, “oh, is it about vegan food?”

And this one friend, Shruti, she guessed like some four or five things. She guessed everything. She’s like, “jewellery and clay workshop, or vegan business, dairy alternatives, plant curds, podcasting…”

Anyway, it was quite entertaining listening to everybody’s responses. And then Shruti messaged me privately saying, “okay, is it about your love for gadgets?” She knows me that well this girl! Haha

I was laughing, and then finally I told her, I said, “one side of me that all of you have missed out. It’s the side that’s into spirituality and joyfulness and fulfilment and all of that.”

For that she said, “Oh okay, that’s fair. But I thought all those things are so inherent to you. You know, as a person and not really an external factor. I was thinking more in terms of skills instead of the person you are for the topic of the workshop.”

That really made a light bulb go off in my head!

I realised that yeah, these things are inherent, being fulfilled, joyful, all those things, but also these aren’t qualities that we’re all necessarily born with, you know.

It’s not like, “you’re a fulfilled person, and you aren’t”, because there’s some fulfilment gene or a happiness gene or a joyfulness gene. It’s not necessarily that. And they’re actually skills, all of these things are skills that we can develop by putting some things into practice.

That’s where it occurred to me that’s exactly what I’m doing with this workshop. I’m breaking down all these different practices, and then turning something that’ll seem like an inherent quality into a skill so that everybody can actually embody that quality.

The workshop is called Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life

And we’re gonna have mindfulness, meditation, manifestation, visualisation, creativity, all kinds of stuff. Of course, there’s going to be some delicious vegan food.

So I thought, in today’s podcast episode I should talk about some practices that we can include in our daily lives to help us really be more fulfilled, more deeply fulfilling. So I have five practices for you.

The first one…

1. Cleansing, Releasing, Purifying on an Energetic Level

So basically, you detect and chuck out all beliefs, feelings and patterns that hold you back. “Begone foul fiends!” Haha

So you do this with different things. Some simple, small things like sitting down, contemplating, meditating, and then releasing and letting go very consciously. There are also very physical, practical activities, like writing-tearing-burning.

The Feel Good Factor, episode 61. Top view, close up on Buddhist Sing Bowl. Smudge stick on the side. Five Simple and Powerful Full Moon Rituals.

In fact, this is something I spoke about on episode 61, Five Simple and Powerful Full Moon Rituals. In that, I’ve explained this write-tear-burn activity in full detail. You can listen to that if you want. Or if you’re in Bangalore, come attend my workshop, and we’ll do it together.

These are a couple of things that we can include as practices in our lives so that we can cleanse out all the unnecessary energy, anything that holds us back. Making sure that we realise, “okay, these are outdated beliefs that I have. These are thoughts that keep repeating, or feelings that keep repeating, which really make no sense. They have no bearing on my life anymore. So let me chuck them out. These are patterns that I repeat, these are things that I keep doing which I know they’re bad for me, but I keep doing. So how to let go of those patterns?”

So getting that out and releasing all these unnecessary energies, because of that there’s space created to bring in more fulfilling things – thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions – into our lives.

The second thing is…

2. Self Love

Now I know that sounds very common, right? “Oh self love”, “love yourself,” all that. But self love isn’t like, “let’s go get a hair cut or a spa day. Let’s go shopping, let’s have some chocolate.”

These…Yes, okay, these are also self love, self care activities on a very superficial level. But we’re talking about self love, like going really deep.

Think of somebody you love a lot. And think of how much you pour onto them in terms of your energy. What you do for them, the words you say to them, the thoughts you think about them.

But there’s no one in the world who’s more deserving of your love than your own self!

So self-love’s about loving yourself so freaking much! Like properly. With your thoughts, actions, and words. Indulging in some lovely activities like:

  • writing love letters to yourself
  • saying good affirmations about yourself
  • speaking to yourself with love
  • hugging yourself

Hugging yourself is something that I covered in a very recent episode, number 109, where I talk about Five Simple Ways to be Kind to Yourself.

So indulging in these activities, that also takes us closer and closer to fulfilment because we aren’t looking for happiness, contentment, joy, everything from the outside. We’re looking at it from the inside. You know, it’s an inside out approach.

Third is…

3. Understanding the difference between things from the outside which give us temporary happiness, versus feelings from the inside which we’re always trying to get

So getting this thing, this promotion, being successful in this activity, or you know, getting married or having children, whatever, whatever desires that we have, whatever things people outcomes that we’re looking for. We often believe that if we get that, then we’re going to be happy. So that’s an outside in approach.

Instead of, “how do I get all these things or outcomes?”, we switch our thinking to, “how do I feel all the good feelings?”

Why do you want this? Because it’s going to make me happy. Why do you want this? Because it’s going to make me feel content or satisfied.

Instead, look at, “okay, I want to feel content, I want to feel happy, I want to feel joyful right now, not by looking on the outside. How do I make sure I get these feelings right now, in this moment? Not when I have this, or some point in the future.”

Switching your thinking to that actually takes you towards things that are for your highest good

You might believe that getting a certain position in your company is going to make you feel happy, joyful, etc, etc. But that thing might not actually be so good for you. You have certain expectations attached to it, which may not even come true.

When we’re looking at it from the outside, we’re thinking of it like, “what’ll I look like, what will my life be like? What will people say think if I have this thing?” If you’re looking at it from that angle, then we aren’t really seeing truly what we want.

But when we say, “how do I make sure I feel content and fulfilled every day, I feel joyful, I feel peaceful?” You know, these are the good feelings we want to go for. We don’t want to go for temporary happiness, and fun, and success, and fame.

Also when we go for those deeper good feelings, then your instincts work better. And the universe takes you on the path towards the things that are actually right for you, actually for your highest good.

Another job opportunity comes up which doesn’t look as appealing on paper as this position you want in your company, but that job is going to bring you a lot more joy, fulfilment, satisfaction, because you’re looking for the right things. You’re looking for the good feelings.

So think, “how do I feel all the good feelings?” Instead of, “how do I get all these things or outcomes?”

This is seriously a full on life hack! It’s so simple. It’s a switch, but the moment you switch, it changes your life big time.

So as a part of my manifestation workshop, we’re going to do creative visualisation, we’re going to do journaling, a lot of these writing activities which’ll help us get clarity about what we truly want, and how to reach that for our highest good. How to attract it into our lives.

The fourth is…

4. Mindfulness: being very mindful

Now, we associate mindfulness with sitting, meditating, being very slow when we eat. Mindful eating, mindful words, all that yes, all of it is important. And it’s true, all of that is mindfulness too.

But mindfulness can be as simple as, before you commit to anything, before you do some work, before you decide, “okay, this is an action I’m going to take”, asking yourself, “why exactly am I doing this?”

Simple. “Why?” Go deep into your why and connect to it. Are you doing it for good reasons?

The work itself maybe good work, but are the reasons you’re doing it for really truly meaningful reasons? Or are you doing it to please somebody else? Because of external pressure, or because you believe you’re ‘supposed’ to be doing it?

So asking that why before you start doing anything at all, whether it’s a small, daily activity or something big, helps. And then once you figured out the why, and you’ve decided, “okay, this is something that I’ll be doing.”

Then you focus on it with such intense devotion

Like, no distractions, no phones, nothing. Just focus on it with such intense devotion, giving it your full attention and love. To the point that, if that thing you’re doing were a person – it should either fall helplessly in love with you, or it’ll be like totally creeped out because of the amount of attention you’re giving it. haha

So focusing on it that deeply, that in itself is mindfulness.

And finally…

5. Visualisations and Affirmations – incorporating those into your life

And both are a lot of fun, by the way. So visualisation: you use the secret power of your imagination to picture, in full technicolour, that deeply fulfilling, super joyful life that you desire.

Picture it like it’s happening. Often sit down and picture your day once you have this business in your life, joy, peace, time freedom, satisfaction, fulfilment…Once you have all these things in your life, what does your day look like?

Along with the visualisation, affirmations. Construct correctly worded affirmations, to go with that, to represent that life.

You’re constantly talking to yourself about it as if it’s already happened

You know, you’re saying the affirmation again and again. It’s as if you’ve already got whatever it is you desire. Both these things are very creative activities.

The creative visualisation activity, and how to build affirmations activity, these are again two things that I’m going to be covering in my workshop.

So all these things, they may sound like, “oh, no, it’s complicated to do all this!” But they’re not. They’re actually pretty easy, and they’re a lot of fun also to do.

You can play around with them, and take them lightly, don’t take things too seriously

You take them lightly, but also understand the importance, the gravity of them. Connect deeply to them. When do all these practices, include them in your life, you can truly manifest, attract, live, that deeply fulfilling life.

Photo: Palms reaching out, fingers gently caressing a deep red rose. Text: The Feel Good Factor Podcast, episode 73. Meditation to Love Your Body

And the reason we’re following fulfilment versus happiness is…

Because fulfilment runs deep, fulfilment is long, and it’s not something that goes in spikes and falls. That’s not the way fulfilment works.

Happiness does that, right? Fun does that. They go up-down-up-down. There are opposites to them. But fulfilment is very stable and steady, and you could just slowly in small, simple ways, follow it in your life.

As I said, being fulfilled is not some quality you’re born with. It’s a skill you can hone. You, me, anyone…all of us, regardless of our nature, our tendencies, our backgrounds… this is a skill we can hone with some simple tools, techniques and practices.

Everything I’ve shared today, the five practices you can inculcate, you can definitely do it on your own

Just go deeper into it, and explore it, and enjoy and have fun. But if you are in Bangalore on the 13th of August, which is a Sunday, come join me for my Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life – Deep Dive Workshop.

It starts at 11am and ends at 6pm. It’s happening at Bangalore Creative Circus at Yeshwanthpur. It’s such a beautiful place!

Bangalore Creative Circus is full of art and creativity and nature

There’s so much there! It’s a very, very beautiful, very interesting space. And very welcoming also. It’s been good talking to the person in charge, my point of contact there. Siddharth has been so nice. He’s so open to making people feel comfortable, trying out these new things, you know, being very accommodative.

And I’ve tasted the food at The Circus Canteen. It’s quite delicious. They have a decent number of vegan options, and of course for my workshop, they’ll ensure that the food, the evening tea, all of it is going to be completely vegan.

I haven’t tasted this specific menu, at least one or two things in it, but yes, I’m very confident with the menu that’s been selected.

If you know me, food play a very big part. So yes, I’m talking about fulfilment and manifestation, mindfulness, woo woo, all these things. But also, food food is going to be a big part of this event, or an important facet of this event.

We’re going to sit and eat, and enjoy the meal together mindfully too. So yeah, join me for the event!

And if you aren’t in Bangalore, keep in touch with me to get to know about all these different workshops that I do

I’ve earlier travelled and done workshops too, I might start doing them again. And even if not travel, of course I’ll continue to teach online workshops, classes, courses and everything.

So to get to know about all of these, just join my newsletter, It’s a free newsletter – The Feel Good Tribe.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you inside my tribe, and I’m extra looking forward to meeting you in person in my workshop on 13th August, Manifest Your Most Fulfilling Life.

All right, take care. Talk to you again next week.

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