Conscious Manifestation with Efia Sulter – Episode 65

Manifestation coach Efia Sulter’s talks to Susmitha Veganosaurus about her story, and the strategies and mindset needed for conscious manifestation.

The Feel Goood Factor, episode 65. Efia, young black woman walking confidently, looking away from the camera and smiling wide. Conscious Manifestation with Efia Sulter.

Efia Sulter is a manifestation and mindset coach. After having experienced tragedy, trauma and incredible transformation in her own life, she started Conscious Alchemy, where she teaches her V.I.B.E.S method for conscious manifestation.

I ran into Efia on Clubhouse when she was talking about manifestation techniques and I immediately felt a connection to her work. After attending her workshops and online retreat, I really wanted to invite her on to my podcast so all of you could get to know her.

In this episode, Efia and I have discussed a number of things surrounding conscious manifestation. Some of them are:

  • The importance for having the right mindset
  • Understanding the “why” behind your desires
  • What you want vs who you want to be
  • Universal laws beyond the Law of Attraction
  • Recognising how incredible you are
  • And so much more…

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“If you want to manifest an extraordinary life, have all these extraordinary things… first you need to see yourself as an extraordinary person. So really acknowledge how far in life you’ve come already, how many incredible things you’ve already achieved, how many lives you’ve touched… Just acknowledge what you’ve done already. And really look forward to where you’re going next on this journey, because it really is an epic, epic ride.”

Efia Sulter – The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus

More about Efia

Efia is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach, NLP practitioner and host of ‘The Manifest Edit Podcast’. Her mission is to empower and teach ambitious women how to manifest their EXTRAORDINARY life by overcoming their limiting beliefs, finding and living their soul’s purpose and connecting to their intuition.

Serving as a practical example of her work after being orphaned at 14, grappling with mental illness and chronic pain to then moving overseas and building her soul-aligned life + business, Efia has inspired thousands around the world to create their lives by design. 

Through coaching, a suite of digital products & courses and public speaking Efia highlights the strategy, science and spirituality behind manifestation in order to provide actionable advice from a grounded, no BS perspective.

Connect with Efia on:
The Manifest Edit Podcast

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