Here’s why you need to define who your Ideal Customer is – Episode 148

Today’s episode is a super short one. It’s a mini lesson on why you need to define who your ideal customer (client, audience) is.

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Here’s something I started saying when I began running my vegan restaurant 10 years ago. “I want to turn the whole world vegan with my product (food), so obviously I want everyone, every kind of person possible to try it.”

Now, whether you’re a vegan or not, if you’re an entrepreneur or a content creator, this thought might sound very familiar to you. Right?

As conscious entrepreneurs, it’s natural for us to want to reach out to everyone

But the reality is…we simply cannot serve and satisfy everyone! The sooner we realise this, the better. Even if you’re already in a niche, you need to niche down even more. I know that sounds scary, but that’s the way it is.

See, when you niche down, fine tune your target audience, you get to manifest the right kind of clientele into your world. Trust me, your impact will be so much stronger because of it, and your business life will be a lot more joyful and fulfilling.

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

Figuring that out is one of the most important steps in growing your business with peace of mind and fulfilment. When you’re very, very clear on the kind of person you’d best serve…

  1. You’ll know exactly who to market to, and be able to do it a way that resonates with them
  2. When you need to make important business decisions like introducing a new product, a service, have an event, etc., you’ll have a direction to work towards
  3. You’re able to attract the kind of customers who’re a joy to work with, because they’re the right fit for you

Now, you might be thinking, “But I sell to everyone! Why should I limit my outreach to a specific kind of client?”. It’s a fair question, and the answer is, as Marie Forleo says…”When you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one.”

Smiling woman swiping her card at a billing counter in a cafe. Ideal customers bring joy.
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Just because you focus on an ideal set of customers, doesn’t mean you lose the others!

This where people make a mistake. They think if they focus on one set of people, then they lose all the others. That’s not what’s going to happen.

What you’re doing is, aligning your decisions and messaging to the specific kind of people who you can most effectively serve with your unique offerings. The others will get served anyway.

When someone’s truly your ideal customer, not only are they ideal for you, you’re ideal for them too. So they’ll just keep coming back to you.

Now, in today’s episode I told you about why one should have an ideal customer. But if you want to learn how to create an ideal customer avatar, a persona for your ideal client, then I have a lesson in my other podcast…

Vegan Business and Marketing Tips

The podcast is a 21 episode limited series. It’s like a mini course. Each episode is one chapter, one lesson. There’s a companion workbook too. You can download it and do all the lessons, and it’ll help you with your business.

It’s available on all podcast players, so wherever you’re listening to this, you just search for “Vegan Business and Marketing Tips”, it’s got orange coloured artwork, just find it and start doing it.

The third episode is about ideal customer creation but don’t jump to the third episode, start right at episode one. Then go from there because episode one explains exactly how you can take advantage of that mini course.

It’s a free course available to you, so take full advantage of it!

Vegan Business and Marketing Tips and is designed specifically with vegan food entrepreneurs in mind. Like owners of cafes, restaurants, or chefs who are teachers, you know, anyone in the field of vegan food.

Though the podcast was created very specifically with them in mind, there’s a lot of stuff in those lessons that can help any kind of artist, creator, teacher, entrepreneur. It can help anybody. So go check it out and do all those lessons.

Yeah, that’s about it. That ends our episode for today. As I said, short episode. Haha

All right, talk to you again next week. Take care!

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