Follow your bliss and keep investing in yourself to constantly learn and grow – Raw Chef Yin – Episode 47

Malaysian Raw Vegan Chef Yin shares her story and how she was able to follow her passion to become a world renowned celebrity chef against the odds.

The Feel Good Factor episode 47. Follow your bliss and keep investing in yourself to constantly learn and grow – Raw Chef Yin. Asian woman chef holding her recipe book of raw vegan desserts and smiling at the camera.

What if your heart desires to take you in a direction to achieve something seemingly impossible? Would you follow it? Chef Yin did exactly that!

She studied law and worked in PR, but when she discovered raw vegan cuisine, the passion to create it was so strong it didn’t matter that she had no prior experience in the food industry, she got into it with complete dedication. The fact that neither raw food nor vegan food was known in Malaysia didn’t stop her either. She just knew this was a path she had to take and bravely ventured forth.

Today she’s an extremely popular Raw Vegan Chef in not just her country but also across the globe. In this interview she talks about her journey, experiences and the practices she follows to keep going strong. I know you’re going to find her story very inspiring!

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About Raw Chef Yin

Raw Chef Yin is Malaysia’s very own raw vegan celebrity chef, author and TEDx speaker. She has a law degree but left her jet-setting corporate job to don a chef’s jacket instead. Trained at the world’s leading raw & plant-based culinary academy, she now dedicates her time to helping others make beautiful, delicious raw vegan cuisine.

Due to the worldwide lockdown which prevented her from travelling internationally, she began producing various online vegan cooking courses on ice cream, cheese, tempeh, mooncakes as well as Japanese & Korean cuisine to rave reviews. Watch her on VELICIOUS with Raw Chef Yin, Malaysia’s very first (un)cooking show or buy her one of her 5 Ebooks or attend her pop-up dining experiences.

Connect with her via her Website, FacebookInstagramYouTube.

“Actually it wasn’t easy, but because I believed in it so much and I was so passionate about it, I think nothing could stop me.”

Raw Chef Yin – The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus

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