Meditation: Releasing Blocks to Manifest Your Greatest Desires – Episode 34

Through the guided imagery in this meditation practice, you will identify blocks to manifestation, and melt them away. Gently, powerfully and with love.

The Feel Good Factor. Episode 34. Hand reaching outwards, burst of light from it going away from viewer, treetops in the distance. Meditation: Releasing Blocks to Manifest Your Greatest Desires.

As another powerful new moon cycle begins, I felt called to create a releasing blocks meditation for you. To help you with manifestation.

When I asked the Universe for guidance on the message I should share through this meditation, I felt a strong pull to focus on the obstructions we create in the way of manifesting.

All the positivity, love, abundance, success, joy, friends, happiness… everything we desire is attracted to us. And is constantly flowing towards us. But often, instead of simply relaxing and receiving them, we let fear based thoughts and feelings become obstacles to this flow.

Through the guided imagery in this meditation practice, you will identify and melt these blocks away. Gently, powerfully and with love.

I start with an introduction to explain the different kinds of blocks that we create. The actual meditation begins at 3:42 (incase you’re coming back to do the meditation after the first time and would like to jump to it).

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“The key however is intentional manifestation. The practice of being aware of what we want, our desires, our thoughts. And then, harnessing their power to manifest exactly what we want into our lives. This can be a very easy process when you allow yourself to trust in the power of the Universe. A higher power that’s always there to bring your desires to you.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor

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Transcribed by Otter.

This article was written by Susmitha Veganosaurus

Susmitha Veganosaurus is a light worker, holistic business coach, vegan chef, joyful vegan transition coach, podcaster, meditation guide, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She helps people make happiness, fun and self-love their highest priority through her podcast (The Feel Good Factor), workshops, courses, talks and online coaching programs. She’s passionate about teaching people to lead frictionless, fulfilling vegan lives. And she mentors conscious women entrepreneurs, helping them grow their business with a focus on self-care and a mindset of abundance. Note: Susmitha is pronounced “sus-me-tha” (and not “sush-me-tha”).