Why it’s absolutely important to set Clear Boundaries in all aspects of our lives – Episode 44

What are boundaries? How and where do we need to create them? And why are they so very important? This episode, spurred by a Goddess Card, is all about setting clear boundaries in various aspects of our lives.

The Feel Good Factor, Episode 44. Goddess Ishtar Tarot Card with a message about Boundaries being held up close to the camera. Why it's absolutely important to set Clear Boundaries in all aspects of our lives

“Love yourself enough to say no to others demands on your time and energy.”

When I pulled this message from my Goddess Cards Deck, it validated so much of what I’ve been saying for a few years now.

The card is about Boundaries, and drawing it spurred me to speak about it with you all.

How much of your time and energy are going into your work/business, family and other relationships on a daily basis? What’s left for self-care? And creativity? What about for just having fun and enjoying life?

Just because you love your work, or enjoy any activity which involves you giving your time and energy to others, doesn’t make it eligible to be categorised as “me time”. It’s a common pit we fall into.

This is why it’s so important to set clear boundaries!

First the boundaries need to be defined between ourselves and everyone else, especially in our work and personal life.

Then, after we’ve carved out time away from our work and other people, we need to create sub-boundaries between different aspects of the rest of our life.

In this episode of The Feel Good Factor, I’ve spoken about how I’ve consciously tried to make this happen in my own life, and the immense benefits that have emerged.

If you’ve been overwhelmed (especially considering the work-from-home situation we’re experiencing right now), and if the lines between different day to day activities are blurred, you really need to listen to this message!

And as with many of my episodes, what I’ve shared here will especially strike a chord with small business entrepreneurs.

Holisting Business Coaching

I’m all about helping conscious entrepreneurs build and grow their business. That’s why I run my holistic Vegan Business Coaching program.

I’ve learnt many things the hard way in my entrepreneurial journey. I’d like my mistakes to serve you with some valuable lessons and inspiration on what to do and what to avoid.

“Believe me, when you start setting boundaries and creating these systems, and putting them in place, and expecting people to follow that, you will start attracting the right kind of people to support your business. The ones who are understanding, who are thoughtful. And also…you will set an example out there to people, you will give them permission to set boundaries in their own life.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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