Meditation: Affirmations for Multi-Passionate People – Episode 92

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An affirmation meditation to support multi-passionate people. A few minutes of focusing on your breath to center yourself, followed by affirmations that you can repeat (either out loud or in your mind).

Listen to the meditation on the embedded player below or on your preferred podcast player. If you prefer reading, scroll down for the transcript. It’s also available on Insight Timer (this version has a gentle echo to accompany you during the repetitions).

“I am a successful, multi-passionate creator, and my success is on my own terms”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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Transcript: Affirmation Meditation for Multi-Passionate People

This is a meditation for multi-passionate people – creators, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers… People across multiple professions, vocations, lines of work, who don’t want to specialise in just one thing.

Multi-passionates are people with multiple interests, passions, skills, and talents. And they want to pursue all of them, or various of them at a time.If this meditation resonates with you, join my free newsletter, The Feel Good Tribe.

Let’s begin

Close your eyes. Sit in a quiet place. Make yourself comfortable. Relax completely.

Take a deep breath in. Hold. And slowly release completely. One more time. Breathe in deeply. Hold. And exhale. And one last time. Breathe in deeply. Hold. And as you exhale, let your breath out with a sigh. “haaaahhh”

Now let your breathing come back to its normal, natural pace. Don’t try to control it.

Just watch your breath as it goes in and out

Notice your nostrils and how as the air goes in your nostrils feel coolness. And as the air comes out, you feel a sense of warmth.

Bring your attention to your stomach and just observe the movement as it moves in and out, in and out with each breath. Gently shift your focus upwards towards your chest, and observe the gentle movement of your chest, as you breathe. Now move to your shoulders, and notice the subtle movement of your shoulders as you breathe in and out.

Now that you’ve centred yourself, you can listen to these affirmations and repeat them (either out loud or in your mind)

I am a capable, strong, successful multi-passionate creator

I am a powerful force of positivity in this world

Through all the different work I do, I create beauty and joy in the world

I live a deeply fulfilling and content, well-rounded life

My life is filled with purpose and joy

I do everything that my heart desires, in a harmonious way

I don’t need to excel at anything, or compare myself with others

I embrace a gentle, comfortable, flowing growth

I explore freely and courageously

I like to try new things, dabble in new arts and skills, and keep learning and growing

It’s okay if I’m not perfect at all these things

What matters is the joy and deep fulfilment I feel as I play and explore

I am a successful, multi-passionate creator, and my success is on my own terms

I work, create, explore, and live my life on my own terms

When people want me to follow the norms of being a specialist, it does not affect me, it does not bother me

I know that all the areas of my interest deserve my focus

I don’t have to choose, I can explore as many of them as I like, whenever I like

I grow gently but surely in all my professions and ventures

My life is harmonious, my work is harmonious

As I follow my joy and my passions, I’m also disciplined and organised

I confidently share my time with all the different areas of work that I do

I may be really good at some things, mediocre at other things, and not good at all in the rest of them, but it’s okay

The joyful creative flow that I feel when I explore all these things is the most important part

Some of these areas generate income for me, some of these areas are just there to enjoy

Being a multi-passionate is deeply fulfilling and joyful

I move forward and grow in multiple areas with ease and grace

I tap into the greater flow of the universe to build, nurture, and grow all my different passions

the universe supports me in my path of being a multi-passionate creator

I am supported

I am capable

I am joyful

I am harmonious

I am ease and grace

And I am deeply fulfilled

I love of this life I live as a multi-passionate person

I am more than just one thing

I keep discovering all these new, exciting, and different facets of myself

I boldly and fearlessly try my hand at everything I choose

And as I do this in alignment with the universe’s creative flow…

I am focused

I’m clear

I am harmonious

I trust in myself

I believe in my ideas

I am in tune with the divine creative energy

I am a joyful, deep, deeply fulfilled, multi-passionate person, and so it is

Now take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, wiggle your fingers and your toes. Roll your shoulders. Move your head from side to side, round and round.

Rub your palms together *rubbing sound*, place them over your eyes gently. And as you move your palms away, slowly and gently flicker your eyes open.

Thank you, and sending you so much love and light on your beautiful, joyful, fulfilling multi-passionate journey.

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