Harness New Moon Energy for Intention Setting and Creativity – Episode 151

The waxing moon phase, starting on the day after the new moon until the full moon, is a great time to start something new and build on it. This new moon cycle, let’s focus on setting intentions for a fulfilling creative project/habit.

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Hi! A few weeks ago on Episode 145, I spoke about how to harness the energy of the full moon, the waning moon cycle, to get rid of certain useless habits from our lives. That episode turned out to be quite popular!

So I thought, hey new moon’s coming up this week (Wed, 8th May 2024)! So why not talk about using the waxing moon phase to set some intentions?

We could do this together, and if it resonates with you, then probably every full moon and new moon, or once every few months for a full moon and new moon, we can again set certain intentions. Use the energy of the of the moon cycle, either the waxing or the waning phase, in our lives to create certain outcomes.

The new moon cycle starts on the day of the new moon and goes on for the next 15 days until we reach the full moon. That phase is called the waxing moon cycle. Basically the moon starts at zero and then it increases in size. I mean, that’s how it appears to us . More and more of the moon is seen by us.

This waxing moon cycle is a great time to start something new, to create, plant seeds, set intentions…it’s a building and growing energy

When I spoke about the full moon, I told you about how the waning moon cycle can be used to clear things out, you know, flush things out of our lives and all that. This is the opposite energy.

You’ve cleared things out from the full moon to the new moon, that is, the waning moon cycle. So now you have space to create something new, bring in new beneficial energies, patterns, habits, things. To create those, to attract them into our lives. We have a clean slate in certain areas of our lives now. So, we can now invite new, good things in.

With manifestation, it’s not about just reaching for something and then sitting on your butt, hoping that it’s all going to work out. Haha We’re using this energy of the moon to support us in whatever we are doing, but we have to put in our efforts of course.

As we align with the cycle of the moon and work according to its phases, whatever intention we’ve set for ourselves moves smoothly, things flow more easily

You’re working and going with the flow. It’s supporting energy. A support system that you’re using to build whatever you need to build.

The beginning of the waxing moon cycle that is the day after the new moon (this time it is going to be 9th May, 2024, but yeah, any time the day after the new moon is when you set the intention, plant a seed).

Through the waning moon cycle you’ve removed and chucked out all the weeds, cleansed out whatever’s not required, and then moistened the earth. You made it all fresh, dug it up and all that. The soil has been tilled, and it’s ready for planting.

So now, after the new moon, you plant those seeds. And then as the moon keeps growing, those seeds will germinate and grow and bloom. (Of course this garden example is a metaphor. I guess you understood that. Haha)

What kind of intention can we plant for this particular new moon cycle?

Now the previous full moon, the last two weeks, was about getting rid of the habit of over consumption. Not just in food, but also in shopping. It was also about eliminating over consumption in terms of media and doom scrolling, social media, all of it. We eliminated that so that there’s more space, time, everything created in our lives. Our mental peace also has increased.

So since we got rid of over consumption (at least we began the work towards getting rid of it. A lifetime’s habit doesn’t go away in a matter of two weeks, but we started the process and we become aware of it), let’s do something that goes hand in hand with it for this new moon cycle. Let’s plant intentions which work along with getting rid of the over consumption.

A sort of opposite thing to consumption is creation. So how about we set intentions for a creative project or to begin a new creative habit?

Now, we’re all already creating anyway. Especially people who spend a lot of time on social media, they’re just creating stuff all the time. But often that information is either useless rubbish, or there’s too much creation happening because people feel forced to create. Keep documenting things, keep on posting because they feel like, “oh my presence is important on social media.”

For this new moon cycle, we don’t want to do be involved in that kind of creation. We don’t even want to create simply for people’s consumption. We’ve got rid of over consumption, so let’s say whatever we begin creating in this cycle, it shouldn’t necessarily be to be put out into the world, for other people to consume.

Let’s start off that way. Later if something great comes out of it, which you honestly feel like, “oh wow this would be great, I should share this with the world”, you can put it on a blog post or whatever. Somewhere non-social media. Somewhere it’s worth putting, not just for the validation and likes, but for having put it out into the world.

Maybe at some future time that project could serve that purpose, but that is not going to be our intention this time.

We’re going to start a creative project that we create for its sake, for the simple joy and fulfilment we get out of creating it

The way to go about this is, you just pick one project, you don’t have to pick too many right away. Just for the next two weeks you’re going to focus on this one project.

If you really like writing, then it could be that. Small stories, big story, novel, it’s totally up to you. A series, even. It could be art, like illustration, painting, zen tangling, that kind of stuff. Any art. Or it could be something more hands-on, where you’re building, sculpting, making something.

Whatever it is, I’m sure you can think of something you would love to do. A creative project which feels like it’s going to be fulfilling, and it’ll be good for you to do it. And then set the intention for it.

The first part of the waxing moon phase, that is, the few days after the new moon, is mainly for ideation

You don’t really have to do anything physically to take action. It’s more for thinking, planning, ideation. In fact, if you make a mind map, if you put the ideas down on paper and think, “okay, I want to do it this way”, that itself is quite creative in its own way. So use that.

The very first day after the new moon, you sit for sometime. Sit in silence, meditate. If you need some support to help you meditate, or some kind of guidance, then I have a few new moon specific meditations on my Insight Timer profile. Get the app and find me there by searching for “veganosaurus”.

There are many more teachers, like thousands and thousands of teachers who share beautiful meditations on the app, so you can find other moon meditations also on it. But if you’d like to try out mine, I’ve got a couple specifically to set intentions, plant seeds for the new moon.

So first you spend some time in stillness and set the intention, then you visualise it

You visualise the project unfolding, how it’s going to unfold. What it might be like, how you feel as you’re working on it, how you feel when you look at it when it’s done. Visualise that as a part of your whole intention setting and meditation process.

Then ask the energy of the moon to support you through this, so as the moon grows, so does this creative habit you’re developing.

That’s on the first day after the new moon. Then the next couple of days, spend some time writing out your ideas. Just penning them.

Throughout your day, as you’re going about your day, you might suddenly get some ideas. So keep a notebook handy, or maybe the notes app on your phone, just keep something handy. Jot down those ideas, just put them in there for now, as and when they appear in your head.

Then you set aside one or two hours, whatever amount of time you’re able to. Even if it’s 30 minutes, if you’re really unable to spend too much time on this. Whatever amount of time, carve it out, set it aside for this in your day.

As with most habits, if you piggyback this onto another habit, it always helps

For example, say you want to do this right after you close up your work for the day in the evening. Before you relax and start binge watching stuff or whatever, right? Before dinner or something. You can do it at that particular time. Or you might feel like, “okay, while I’m eating my dinner I’ll probably jot down some ideas.” Or maybe right after lunch, save some time just to work on this project. So, carve some time out specifically for this. Otherwise, you’ll probably miss it.

And we want to get that momentum going. The idea of doing it after the new moon is to just begin the momentum. And then after those two weeks the momentum will continue. It’ll take its own course, so you don’t have to worry about it.

So we’re not even thinking this is a project that has to end at the end of two weeks. Nothing like that. It’s just something you’re beginning, you’re starting with the new moon cycle. Then you’re letting it move forward for as long it takes you, and going to go with the flow.

Once you’ve carved the time out, for the first couple of days you’re going to sit and ideate, plan, think of what to do. You can take three, four days also, whatever number of days you like, for the planning and ideating part of things.

It’s going to be so much fun, because when we’re planning something, we feel lit from inside!

It’s so exciting. There’s this whole feeling of potential filling you up. And there’s a forward moving feel. That’s something we all enjoy, feeling like we’re progressing in something. So make full use of it, enjoy the whole process. You don’t have to do anything in a rush. Gently take it forward for a few days.

After that you begin work on the project. You do it bit by bit, little bit at a time. Since you’ve planned and ideated it, you know how to go about whatever you’re building. So you just do. You get involved in the doing because you’ve already done the planning and the thinking.

Just begin doing the work, and every day, bit by little bit, spend some time and move it forward. Feel the fulfilment and satisfaction.

Of course, obviously I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but some times we all need the reminder…

While you’re involved in this project, no distractions!

Turn off your phone, put in silent mode, turn off all notifications, whatever. Keep it away in another room preferably. No pings, no calls, no dings, nothing. You just focus on this particular thing you’re doing. Absolutely no distractions!

If you really feel like no I need something, then you can play some very soft music. No words because words are going to be distracting. Then you’re going to get caught up in the lyrics and there’ll be an ear worm. No, no, no.

Just some slow, instrumental kind of music, you can put that on in a genre you like. I like lounge or sometimes classical. Whatever, it’s totally up to you. But some kind of no-word music. There are a lot of playlists on Spotify, and all you’ll find a lot of playlists which have collections of songs and stuff to support you during your work.

In fact, even on Insight Timer there are many teachers who publish just music. Clean music you can use as a background for your work. So, in case you want to, you can use it.

But I I still feel like, if you focus fully on the work with no music also as a distraction than even better. Because for music, you might think, “oh, I’ll keep my phone with me to play the music”, and then some ding, something small will distract you. That’s it, your focus is gone, and the state of flow you’ve built up is broken.

We don’t want that! We want to get into a state of flow, into a state of creativity, and stay there. Without overthinking, we want to allow divine energy to flow through us, and let this beautiful work come into being as a result.

Allow the channelling, the stream of consciousness to happen

So yeah, use this new moon energy to begin some beautiful creation process. And of course, I’d love to hear from you if you do this.

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All the very best! Wish you so much beautiful, positive energy in your life as you approach this new project, set an intention, and create something beautiful through the new moon cycle.

And one final note. In case you don’t want to start a new project, but you already have started on something, and it’s just been left aside, then you just start that afresh.

I’m not saying start from the beginning, but use this new moon cycle to set intentions, do the visualising, meditation, and all that. And then continue on with the next phase of the project. Wherever you’ve stopped, go on to the next phase of it. So, you can use the waxing moon phase energy for something ongoing also.

All right talk to you again next week. Take care!

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