Meditation: Planting Seeds of Intention – Episode 89

Podcast Cover Art. Susmitha in a black dress, laughing with joy. Text: The Feel Good Factor with Susmitha Veganosaurus. Episode 89. Meditation: Planting Seeds of Intention

A gentle guided visualisation that takes you through a forest to a fertile clearing where you plant three seeds of intention. One for the world, one for all the loving beings in your life, and one for yourself. Relax, connect with nature, and flow in a state of day dreamy joyfulness as you take this first step towards manifestation – intention setting.

Listen to the meditation on the embedded player below or on your preferred podcast player. It’s also available on the Insight Timer meditation app (along with many more meditation recordings by me and several other wonderful teachers). If you prefer reading, scroll down for the transcript.

“Feel grateful to this soil, to this earth, for the nourishment, the protection, the home that it’s going to provide to your seeds. Your precious seeds.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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Transcript: Meditation to Plant Seeds of Intention

Make yourself comfortable in a quiet place. Sit comfortably with your back straight. You can sit on a cushion on the floor, cross legged. Or if you’re more comfortable on a chair, you’re welcome to sit on a chair. Just make sure your back is straight. Your shoulders are relaxed.

Gently close your eyes. Place your palms on your lap. Bring them close together and then place your right palm over your left. They’re both facing upwards and the thumbs are gently touching each other.

Scan yourself from your head to your toes quickly, and completely relax yourself.

Bring your attention to your breathing

Watch your breath as it moves in and out. Cold air going into your nostrils and warm air coming out.

Bring your attention to your stomach. Don’t control your breath, just watch it. Observe as your stomach moves in and out with each breath.

Gently, gently bring your attention upwards. Notice your chest moving with the breath. And then your shoulders subtly going up and down as you breathe.

You are now completely relaxed.

Picture yourself standing in the middle of a wooded area

A lush green forest full of large trees. Lots of birds chirping about, butterflies fluttering from plant to plant, tree to tree. Gentle sunlight is streaming through the branches onto your face.

The soft green grass under your feet. A cool breeze blowing. Gently touches you softly as it blows, making you feel cool and comfortable.

Now look down at your hand. There’s something in your right fist. Open it and see what’s inside.

There are three seeds

They can be of any colour, any texture that you choose. Each of them is different. So beautiful.

And as you observe them, you’re filled with deep joy. A sense of great potential and excitement. These are seeds of your intention.

Close your fist again and walk forward on the grass through the forest. It’s perfectly safe and beautiful here. You belong to this place.

As you keep moving, you reach a clearing in the middle

There are no trees here, and the Earth has no grass on it. Instead, it’s smelling fresh and earthy. The mud has been turned over, and the soil is ready, just waiting for you to plant your seeds of intention.

Now move your seeds to your left hand, and walk to any spot you like in the clearing. Bend down. With your right hand touch the soil.

Take some between your fingers and let it flow down. How does it feel? Is it a little wet, a little moist? You can pick some up and smell it. Take a deep breath in and smell the delicious smell of wet soil.

You know that it’s fertile, and it’s the perfect place to plant your first seed

Gently make a hole using your fingers and your palm. Pick one seed of your choosing and take a look at it. This is your first seed of intention. It’s the intention you have for the good of the world.

What do you wish for the world? Peace, health, joy? It can even contain all of this and more. Hold it in your hand and energise the seed with your deep love. Let the energy flow from your heart, through your hand, into the seed.

With a big smile on your face, place the seed in the little hole in the ground, and cover it gently with the soil. Tap the soil over it. This is your first seed planted.

Next to you, you’ll see some colourful little garden markers

Little wooden sticks painted in different colours. Pick any one of them and plant it next to the seed so you know the exact location that you planted it.

Pick two more markers of your choice, any colour you choose, and then get up and walk to a second location in the clearing.

You don’t know if these seeds are going to grow into small plants or large trees. So make sure you leave plenty of space between the first seed and the second.

Sit down again, dig a hole, pick the second seed and look at it

This is the seed with which you plant your intentions, your love, for all the people in your life. Everyone you love, everyone you’ve ever met. Humans, animals, all the critters, every single one who has crossed paths with you.

Fill up the seed with a lot of love and gratitude. Streaming positive energy from your heart, through your hand, into the seed, think of all the good things you want for all these wonderful beings.

It can even be so people who have passed on and are now angels and guiding spirits. Your ancestors. Stream all your good intentions into the seed and place it in the soil. Cover it up with love and tap it.

Oh you know, you know, that this tree is going to grow into something so beautiful, so loving!

Take another coloured marker and plant it next to the seed to mark its position.

Now get up and start walking towards a third point away from the first two. And as you walk in this clearing, infuse the third and final seed with all the intentions that you have for yourself.

Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? What do you want your life to look like?

And then as you infuse these intentions into the third seed, you arrive at the spot, the perfect spot to plant it. Sit down again. Play with the mud if you like, for a while. It’s so comforting.

Dig a hole and with love streaming from your heart into the seed. Plant the seed in the mud, cover it up, and tap it gently. And take the third marker and mark the spot.

Now get up and walk a little away, to a spot from which you can view all the three markers, all the three spots in which you’ve planted your seeds of intention

Feel grateful to this soil, to this earth, for the nourishment, the protection, the home that it’s going to provide to your seeds. Your precious seeds.

Know that you’re going to come back to spend more time with the seeds, to nurture them, to attend to them, as they sprout and grow, and become what they’re meant to be.

With joy in your heart, a smile on your face, and a little skip in your step, start walking away from the clearing

Through the forest, on the grass, and then gently, gently, come back to your body. Come back to the present place, your present moment, to the room where you’re sitting.

Once you’re ready, take a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh. Ahhhhh. Whenever you’re ready, rub your palms together. Place them over your eyes, gently cupping them over your eyes. And as you move them away, blink and slowly open your eyes.

Thank you.

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