Use the Full Moon’s energy to let go of Information Over-Consumption! – Episode 145

We stuff way too much information into our brains on a daily basis. Full moon energy can be harnessed to let go of unhealthy habits and patterns. So why not use it to let go of doom scrolling and over-consumption of information (good or bad).

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Hi! Tonight (24/3/24) is the full moon, and if you go by the moon calendar then it’s the last full moon of the year because the new moon in a couple of weeks (the day after that) is the beginning of the new calendar year for the moon cycles. That’s Ugadi, here in our local area, a new year celebration for us.

The full moon and the new moon energies are very powerful

They impact us in ways that we may not realise when we’re living our day-to-day lives. It doesn’t mean that we have to be at the mercy of these energies, but if we tune ourselves to the energy of the moon, and then move in alignment with this energy, plan and do things accordingly, then things flow a lot more beautifully for us.

So, a full moon cycle starts at the full moon and then as the moon wanes and wanes and wanes, for two weeks approximately, until it reaches the new moon phase, that cycle is very helpful for us to clear out unwanted, unnecessary things from our lives.

It could be a habit, some energy, physically getting rid of stuff, whatever, it helps to clear things out. As the moon reduces, so do the things that we want to get rid of. It helps us flush them out of our lives.

But there are so many things to get rid of, right? Many unwanted habits and thoughts and patterns. Oh gosh so much we have in our lives.

So how do you know what to get rid of?

I feel like we could pick one thing for every full moon cycle, and set the intention to get rid of it. And then choose something else for the next cycle. Dealing with one thing at a time, one area at a time, I feel like it’ll seem easier, doable. It gives something to look forward to every month with the full moon. Keeps things very organised and easy.

So, this time I was thinking, why don’t we focus on consumption?

Consumption is an important area where it’s always helpful to reset our habits

We live in a world where all of us over consume. And yes, food is important to consider. But I don’t mean just food. There’s so much we’re buying and hoarding!

And the sneakiest one of all, which is more harmful than even overly consuming food, is consuming information. Every single day the amount of time we spend on our screens just consuming things, it’s crazy, it’s scary.

You know this wasn’t the case before, right? Before smartphones and maybe even before the net. The amount of consumption was a lot more limited. We would read books, maybe listen to the radio, watch some TV, and stuff like that.

But we weren’t constantly consuming things the way we do now!

Now, knowledge is important, yes. It’s good to know stuff, yeah. But how much do you really need to know? Honestly, ask yourself that question.

Somehow, this thing of knowing everything, every single thing, what’s happening in the world, all the details about the politics and the wars and everything, the good stuff or the bad stuff doesn’t matter, somehow it’s associated with being wise or smart or successful.

That’s not the case at all! In fact, it’s the other way around.

Wisdom is only consuming what truly has bearing on your life, what’s important

And when I say bearing on your life, I don’t mean just ignore other people’s pain and all the difficult stuff that’s happening, and think only of your own self. I don’t mean that.

But where can you actually make an impact, make a difference? What’s your life’s purpose? What are you bringing to the world, to uplift the world, to make things better in the world? Whether it’s through your work, your personal life, your hobbies…Where are you making a difference? Where are you able to make a difference? Consume things related to that. Don’t consume every other thing that’s happening!

Fine, there’s a war happening, there’s always a war happening unfortunately in some part of the world or the other, right? Well, I mean, not just war between humans. There’s a war against nature that humans cause every single day. Or the war against millions and millions of other living beings, you know, like animals and birds and fish and everything, every single day something is happening.

But what’s the point of consuming information about that stuff, and just steeping yourself in it?

It’s important to realise that we don’t need to know every single thing!

There’s a limit. On the surface level find out what you need to find out, find out what’s happening in the world, but you don’t go deep into it. Doom scrolling, news, going hunting for things that are wrong with the world, and then feeling bad about it, feeling angry and sad about it…You’re not helping anyone by constantly steeping yourself in that information.

When you cut out the unnecessary consumption of things that aren’t required, then what’s required will come to you

Things that are going to be useful for your own journey, and to make the lives that you touch better, to uplift people around you. If you keep consuming all the unnecessary stuff, then what’s important gets drowned out. What is needed gets drowned out.

And I don’t mean just the bad stuff. Even the good stuff. There’s so much happening all the time! So much on social media, on news channels, on the internet, on forums, there’s so much happening. There’s so much happening around us in the real world too, not just the online world. Really, do you need to know everything? How much do you need to know?

So if we stop stuffing information into our brain, we give ourselves some gap to stop, to think, to be a little still.

Stillness is so important! We need to be very discerning, very picky, and very limiting about how much information we allow to flow into our lives, into our brains

It’s going to directly impact our mental state, our emotional state, and of course that’s going to impact your other consumption habits – your food habits, your buying habits, because you’re trying to fill up to cover up that sadness or that overwhelm of so much information by purchasing things or eating things that aren’t good for you.

All these habits are kind of connected to each other. So it makes a difference when you set limits on what you’re going to allow, to funnel into your head. And, it has to be a reverse funnel! Where it enters is tiny, and then it spreads out in your head so that it doesn’t occupying your mind every moment of your every day.

So, when we limit our media consumption drastically, particularly cutting out the bad, but also being discerning about the good, being picky about the good stuff too, when you limit that consumption, then we also reduce the amount of out thoughts. That’s a big deal. That’s a huge deal.

The less we consume, the less we information we imbibe, the lesser running thoughts we have

That gives space for the meaningful thoughts to flow. It’s not so scary to sit in silence any more. It takes time, but once you do that, it’s not going to be so scary anymore. So then, the rest of your life gets impacted in very positive, meaningful ways.

So this full moon, cycle, sit down, spend some time thinking about what you want to let go of in terms of consumption. What’s unnecessary, what information is bombarding your life, and how can you cut it off or drastically reduce it?

Set that intention today, surrender it to the full moon, and allow it to help you wash away the unnecessary habits and energies of consumption.

If you’d like help with this process, then on this very podcast, I have two full moon meditations. Episode number 67 and episode number 70. Both of them will help you get started on this process.

Today would be a great time to do them, but even if not tonight, if you miss this, if you’re not listening to this the podcast right away, it’s okay. You can still do it anytime in the next few days in this whole week.

Or if you’re listening to this in the future, then anytime after a full moon, you know, the waning moon cycle, in the beginning of that process, the first few days or a week of it, do it at that time.

So episode 67 and 70 make sure to check those out. Episode 67 is a full moon meditation for cleansing and intention setting and episode 70 is about how it’s safe to be loving, and trying to release all that stops us from being vulnerable and kind and all that.

And if you’d like to be a little more woo-woo, in episode 61 I cover Five simple and powerful full moon rituals. These simple things that you can do to help you align yourself and make full use of the full moon energy.

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All right that’s it for today. Talk to you again next week. Take care! Have a lovely full moon, waning moon cycle, letting go off things that don’t serve you anymore. Bye!

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