Three questions to ask as you set intentions for a new year – Episode 133

When we make resolutions every new year, we go about it all wrong! That’s why we rarely ever see our goals through. In this episode I’ve shared 3 questions for you to ask yourself before making any plans for an upcoming year. Once you contemplate on these, you’ll be guided to make the right decisions and set intentions that best serve you.

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Every time Jan 1st is comes around, we’re all encouraged to make resolutions. “What kind of habits am I going to inculcate? I’m going to exercise every day. I’m going to write every day. I’ll cook more. I’ll eat healthy.”

Or we’re encouraged to have all kinds of goals, ambitions and plans. Set everything for the New Year. “I’ll grow my business this much this year. I’m going to make an effort to create this much content every week.” Blah blah blah blah blah. laughs

Come end of Jan (Feb at the most), all these resolutions that have gone down the drain. Think back. On your own life, on the lives of people around you – family, friends. How many people actually keep up their resolutions till the end of every year? Very, very tiny percentage, right? If even that.

The reason this happens is, we’re doing it all wrong

There’s nothing wrong with having goals and plans and ambitions. But we’re aiming for the wrong things. Or, we’re aiming for things for the wrong reasons. That’s why it doesn’t work out.

So this New Year, how about we set some intentions in a very conscious way? Here are three questions to ask yourself as you set intentions for this New Year. When you answer them for yourself, you can either write them down or just think about it. I do encourage noting down the questions and your answers because then you can keep going back to it, keep looking at it, to remind you what you’re aiming for.

1. Who am I this year? What kind of person am I, this year?

Don’t aim for the low hanging fruits. Like, “I’m a successful person. I’m a winner,” that kind of stuff. Go for something higher. Go deeper.

“I’m the kind of person who’s in ease and flow. Someone who’s kind, thoughtful, and mindful. I’m the kind of person who’s very wise, and who responds thoughtfully instead of reacting to situations. You get the gist, the idea.

So think on these lines and and ask yourself who you’re going to be this year.

2. How do I feel this year? How do I want to feel?

It’s not even a question of wanting to. It’s like, how will you feel this year. “I feel surrendered, peaceful, fulfilled, joyful.” Go for these kinds of emotions, reach for these. The higher ones again, not the low hanging fruit.

The ones which could make you feel expansive. The expansive, flexible emotions, because there’s so much more meaning under them. Not specifics. When you go for specifics like wanting certain things and making yourself feel happy because of it, when you go for that then you’re limiting yourself.

Instead, say, “I’m a fulfilled person. I’m a person who goes with the flow or who reaches flow state every single day (or most of the time).”

When you ask for things like that, or when you state things like that, then the Universe will conspire to help you through many creative possibilities. It just opens up opportunities for you to feel that way. So think deep and ask yourself this question and note down your answers. How do I feel this year?

3. How can I be a kinder, more mindful person this year?

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For this, I cannot give you examples. You’ll have to think of this for yourself. Think specifically of the different kinds of people in your life, the situations, even of yourself. A lot of times we forget to be kind to ourselves. Think of these and think of ways that you can be more mindful and kind throughout the year.

How can you be the light, and always uplift people you touch? In the situations that you’re in, how can you raise the vibration?

Ask yourself these three questions and then the rest of it, the intentions, the goals, the ambitions…those will fall into place

You’ll be guided. You’ll be connected to your higher self as you keep contemplating on these three questions.

  • Who am I this year?
  • How do I feel this year?
  • How can I be more kind and mindful this year?

I believe I’ve given you a lot of food for thought. laughs

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All right, wish you a very, very Happy New Year. A wonderful 2024. A year of ease, joy, peace, a deep, deep fulfilment

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