When Life Gives You Lemons – Mindfulness, Joyfulness and Being You – Episode 59

Left: Above smiling lady with glasses, below smiling lady with super short hair. Right text: When Life Gives You Lemons – Mindfulness, Joyfulness and Being You. Special Episode 59, Interview by Shilpa. The Feel Good Factor.

My friend Shilpa did a series of video interviews featuring women supporting women on her Instagram page during the week of International Women’s Day. I was delighted to be a mid-week guest!

The idea was to discuss mindfulness, joyfulness, and being yourself – through all of life’s ups and downs. But as the conversation progressed, she had so many more interesting questions that we ended up covering a much wider range of topics. Tips and guidance to help women in their entrepreneurial journey and personal life.

Shilpa has a beautiful way of guiding the conversation and asking the right kind of questions. She digs out nuggets of wisdom and insights from you that you didn’t even realise you had. Once you listen, you’ll agree with me that this woman should be running her own podcast! Haha

By the end, I knew I just had to pull the audio from that interview and put it here for all of you. It’s like getting a delicious assorted platter of all the things I usually discuss on the show, plus more.

Here are some of the things Shilpa and I conversed about:

  • Mindfulness – being fully present in each moment
  • Establishing boundaries with family, colleagues and customers
  • Unapologetically taking time for yourself
  • Delegation over perfection
  • The power of prioritising fun
  • Sustainable happiness
  • Need for digital and physical disconnection
  • Running your business from a place of inspiration
  • Enabling others through your own happiness
  • Quieting the mind and avoiding overwhelm
  • Making lists, brain dumping and taking deep breaths
  • Overcoming blocks to having an abundance mindset
  • Being excited, finding lessons and showing gratitude
  • How to make difficult choices and when to let go

Shilpa runs Jus’Amazin, a conscious brand of innovative nut and seed based products. Make sure to check out the website, and if you’re shopping, use my affiliate code* “veganosaurus10” and get 10% off on your first order.

Listen to the episode on the embedded player below, or on your preferred podcast app.

“Shilpa: “How do you disconnect? Because…running your own business is like having a baby. You can’t switch off, you can’t say, ‘somebody take care of this’, nobody does. You are on it 24/7! What did you do?”

Susmitha: “I realised that I just had to disconnect, because like you said, ‘baby!’ But then even with babies, they always say this on the flight, right? ‘you wear the oxygen mask first before putting it on your kid.’ So if you are not functional, and you are not happy, I started realising that even the business started to suffer.””

Shilpa and Susmitha – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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