Creative Manifestation Journaling Meditation – Episode 51

A simple technique that combines the power of meditation, creativity and journaling. Practice this meditation for a few minutes everyday.

The Feel Good Factor, episode 51. Creative Manifestation Journaling Meditation technique. Photo clicked from above and to the side. Short haired lady sitting on grass and hunched over a book. She's drawing and writing in it.

Begin the new year with a simple technique that combines the power of creativity and journaling to manifest your goals and desires. Cultivate this as a regular practice to fill yourself with positive, uplifting energy.

There are many paths to manifestation, what I’ve shared here is a fun, light way to go about it. And the doodling component helps you get in touch with your inner child too.

Listen to the complete episode below and then explore more guided meditations on my podcast or insight timer.

“Picture yourself enjoying, picture yourself experiencing all these different things, all these different desires that you have listed.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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This article was written by Susmitha Veganosaurus

Susmitha Veganosaurus is a light worker, holistic business coach, vegan chef, joyful vegan transition coach, podcaster, meditation guide, and multi-passionate entrepreneur. She helps people make happiness, fun and self-love their highest priority through her podcast (The Feel Good Factor), workshops, courses, talks and online coaching programs. She’s passionate about teaching people to lead frictionless, fulfilling vegan lives. And she mentors conscious women entrepreneurs, helping them grow their business with a focus on self-care and a mindset of abundance. Note: Susmitha is pronounced “sus-me-tha” (and not “sush-me-tha”).