Ease is your default setting: 8 ways to simplify your work and life – Episode 122

“Simplify to Amplify”. That’s one of my favourite quotes by Marie Forleo. For some reason we’re all conditioned to believe that the harder we work, the more worthy we are. But that’s a damn lie!

By consciously making things uncomplicated and easy for ourselves, there’s so much more we can accomplish. And we get to do it in a joyful, fulfilling way.

When we prioritise ease and comfort, and embrace a friction-free way of living, we contribute to a healthy work and life culture.

There are endless ways of doing this. Here are a few you can start off with, but before that…if this is your first time here, welcome to The Feel Good Factor! I’m Susmitha Veganosaurus. If you enjoy this episode, you’re going to enjoy my newsletter, The Feel Good Tribe. It’s a whole lot of feel goodness! Uplifting content coming into your inbox once or twice a month. Find out more about it. I’d love to have you in the The Feel Good Tribe.

Now, let’s get on to eight ways to simplify your work and life so that you can embrace ease as your default setting.

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1. Turn off all notifications

If you’ve been listening to my podcast for any amount of time at all, you know this is something I go on and on about. Focusing on one thing at a time makes everything go smoother. Do you really need to be available and responding all the time? Deal with email/messages/social media on your own terms.

Set time aside for yourself to go and check these things. But turn the notifications off. The pings and the beeps and that red thingy, you know, the badge that says, “you have three messages, five messages”, all of that, if you turn them off, they won’t have the power to pull you away from whatever you’re doing.

2. Let go of Perfectionism

I’m not saying you should be sloppy, but is there any point in obsessing over each and every little detail? Get rid of that unnecessary stress. Do things as best as you can, and then surrender and let go, and go with the flow. That’ll make your life so much easier.

3. Stop over-analysing

How much time and energy do you tend to waste worrying about all the different ways things will turn out? Don’t think so much. Just do it.

Just start doing it. You have an idea, you have a thought, you want to work on a project…just begin. Don’t let analysis paralysis take over. You can figure things out later as you keep doing things. All you need is a little bit of planning but never over-analysing.

4. K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, Sweetheart. 🙂

What’s the most uncomplicated way you can get something done? Choose that. There’s a beauty in taking the path of least resistance.

Try it and see. It’s a game changer! If you’re somebody who has a tendency to complicate things and mix things up, then it may take a little bit of effort on your part to switch to doing things in a simple way, or looking for the most simple way of doing something. Try it, do it, and it’ll make a world of difference to how smoothly your life moves.

5. Hustling is overrated

Do you tend to glorify hard work? Your constant effort does not determine your worth. Get that into your head. Go easy on yourself and live life at your own comfortable pace.

It’s okay to be in your comfort zone. Maybe go to the edges of your comfort zone, but don’t push yourself hard to go beyond your capabilities, doing things just because others are doing it, or others are expecting you to do it. You don’t have to hustle through your life you can easily flow through it.

6. Don’t get mired in “should”s and “shouldn’t”s

No matter what anyone says there’s no single “proper” way of doing things. Are your methods harming anyone? No? Then just be comfortable in your own systems and practices.

Don’t worry about what others tell you, what others are doing. Take everything with a pinch of salt. See, if that aligns with you with your way of working, and then absorb it. If it doesn’t align with your way of working, way of living life, being comfortable, being in flow, just drop it.

7. Justification is a waste of time

Are you content with your work? Does it bring you joy and fulfilment? Then you don’t have to convince anyone else about its value, nor why and how you do it.

Just be yourself. Do things your own way. Keep bringing your energy and your light and your gifts into the world, and your ideal audience, ideal customers, all of them will follow. They’ll come.

These would be the people to whom you would never have to justify anything. They’ll know the value of your work and appreciate it. And they’ll align with you and support you.

8. Kindness trumps everything (This is my favourite!)

Are you afraid to be gentle? Worried if someone really deserves your kindness? Life is so much smoother when you’re not judging at all. Always choose to be kind towards yourself and others. It’s incredibly freeing!

See, I’m not saying you shouldn’t put boundaries. I’m not saying you should let people walk over your. No, no, no, no, no, no.

But when you can be kind, be kind. When you feel like, “okay, I want to be kind but…” you’re overthinking it. You’re like, “Does this person deserve it? Should I be kind? Will I appear weak?” Blah, blah, blah.

You don’t worry about all that. You feel like being kind, you feel like being loving, do it. Just keep pouring out your love and kindness and be your shining self.

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All these they are continued practices, we can’t inculcate these habits overnight. Approach all of them also with ease!

And keep thinking of more ways to simplify your life. Prioritise ease, grace, flow above all else. Not just in life: your life, your work, your creativity, your relationships. Haha All aspects.

If you do this, then write in to me, connect with me and let me know your thoughts. Also, let me know what your takeaways are from this episode.

All right. I have loved speaking with you today. I really look forward to talking to you again next week.

Take care. Bye!

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