Five Simple and Powerful Full Moon Rituals – Episode 61

These full moon rituals help with cleansing energy, letting go, attracting abundance, manifestation and supporting your spiritual growth.

The Feel Good Factor, episode 61. Top view, close up on Buddhist Sing Bowl. Smudge stick on the side. Five Simple and Powerful Full Moon Rituals.

The energy of the waning moon is very conducive to clearing unwanted energy from your life so that space can be created for new, useful energy. I follow various spiritual practices on full moon nights and in the days following it. Here are my five favourite full moon rituals for you to try.

They’re simple and powerful. If you’re new to this, you don’t have to do all of them at once. Just start with the practice which most resonates with you and build from there.

I’ve spoken about each of these rituals in detail on the podcast episode:
  1. Washing and Charging Crystals
  2. Write, Tear, Burn – Emotional and Mental Clearing
  3. Sound and/or Aroma Ritual – Energetic Cleansing
  4. Guided Meditation – eg. Magical Stream Healing Meditation (by me), Full Moon Meditation (by my friend Marisa)
  5. Intentional Decluttering – Physical Cleaning for Manifestation

Apart from these, if you’re able to, spend at least 30-60 minutes looking at the moon and bathing in its light every full moon night. It’s a beautiful, calming, energising experience.

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“Whenever you’re getting rid of stuff, it’s creating space for something new and useful to enter your life. Abundance is supposed to flow through your life, things are supposed to flow through your life. Not supposed to come and get stuck with you.

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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