Divine Grounding Meditation: Connect to the Energies of the Earth and the Cosmos – Episode 98

Silhouette of of woman sitting in front of a stream and meditating. Divine grounding meditation.
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A guided visualisation to ground yourself into Mother Earth’s powerful energy of love, and also reach out into the Cosmos to channel the abundant creative energy of the Universe. Connect to both sources of magic and become a conduit of love and joy. Do this Divine Grounding Meditation with earphones on for best experience.

Listen to the meditation on the embedded player below or on your preferred podcast player. If you prefer reading, scroll down for the transcript. You can also find this and other meditations I’ve created on Insight Timer.

“You are not the doer, you are just the channel. All you have to do is surrender and be.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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Transcript: Divine Grounding Meditation

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. And as you exhale, just relax your entire body. Relax your shoulders, your back, your arms, legs. Be very comfortable.

Now picture yourself walking down a lush forest path. There are large trees around you, grass below your feet. And as you walk barefoot on the grass, you feel absolutely safe and right at home in this nature.

As you keep walking, feel the breeze on your face, your hair, and your arms. Listen to the leaves on the large trees fluttering in the slow breeze. It’s gentle and very soothing and cooling.

When you breathe in, you can smell fresh grass, and the smell of the earth when it’s wet.

Sunlight is streaming through the branches, through all the gaps. You can see the play of light and shadow all around, on the ground, the plants, the trees. It’s really beautiful and magical.

Now as you keep walking, you notice that there is a small clearing in the middle of the forest, there are no trees here, just some grass. Go and sit in this clearing. Make yourself comfortable on the grass, sit down, feel the softness of the ground.

Nearby you can hear a gentle bubbling stream. It’s peacefully, gently moving, and the sound of the water is very soothing.

Now as you connect with the with the earth, with the grass, the water, the air, the sunlight, the nature all around you, feel golden roots growing some under your feet, under your legs, and gently going deep into the ground. These are magical golden roots, shining and shimmering, and they’re going down and down, deep into the earth.

Feel the roots reach into Mother Earth’s heart and connecting with her core. The core is a beautiful, golden ball of energy. And as your roots touch and connect to the core, this beautiful energy of love is passing on from Mother Earth through the roots and coming up towards you. Feel this beautiful energy of the Earth.

You’re safe and grounded, secure where you are. Know that you are protected and loved.

As this energy comes up and fills you up completely, it fills every pore, every atom, every cell of your body, you start glowing, brighter and brighter. Feel this love, this power of the Earth, and send it outwards from you, out into the whole world.

As you do this feel branches growing up from your shoulders, your head. And they’re going upwards and upwards, higher and higher, nourished by the love and the power of the Earth.

And these branches are going higher and higher, out into the sky, out into space. Going deep into the universe, into the cosmos, and touching the divine source of the universe. This place of unlimited, abundant energy of love, creativity and joy.

As your branches reach out and touch the source, feel the love, the abundant creativity, the joy flowing down into you, flowing down towards you, and straight into your heart.

Let this powerful, creative, joyful energy fill you up. And then let it overflow from you, down through your roots and touch Mother Earth’s heart.

Now, you are a conduit, a channel for all this energy, from the Earth to the cosmos, and from the Universe to the earth. All you have to do is just be there. Just be this channel and everything else will take place through you.

You don’t have to do a single thing, just surrender and feel, this love, this creativity, this joy and abundance.

Know that you’re always tapped into this secure, safe, grounding energy of the Earth, and the unlimited creative power of the cosmos. You are always connected to them, and you’re always channelling them.

As long as you allow this energy to flow through you, everything else around you, in your life, in your world, will fall into place harmoniously, and beautifully.

You are not the doer, you are just the channel. All you have to do is surrender and be.

Now take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, come back to your body, come back to this room. Feel the temperature of the room, listen to any sounds in your environment. Slowly move your fingers and your toes. And whenever you’re ready, rub your palms together, place them over your eyes, and as you blink, move your palms away, gently opening your eyes.

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