Meditation: New Moon Manifestation – Episode 21

Plant seeds of intention during the New Moon Cycle and watch the magic happen in your life.

Campfire glowing in the night. Moonless sky with starts in the dark background. The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus. Bonus Episode 21. New Moon Manifestation Meditation.

Celebrate your desires as successes, in a beautiful setting in this new moon meditation. Plant seeds of intention during the New Moon Cycle and watch the magic happen in your life. Feel the uplifting, joyful energy of gratitude and allow all good things to flow to you with ease and grace.

It’s the start of a New Moon Cycle, so I thought it would be a perfect time to share this meditation with you as a bonus episode. It’s one of my favourite meditations to have recorded and has had wonderful feedback from everyone who’s experienced it.

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“Today’s the day, your biggest, wildest, most wonderful dreams, have come true.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor

Transcript: New Moon Meditation for Manifestation

Hello, welcome to a meditation episode of The Feel Good Factor. I’m your host, Susmitha Veganosaurus. And I’m so glad you could join me here today.

Welcome to the manifestation meditation.

This meditation can be done anytime. But it’s most effective when it’s done on the day after the new moon, and then continued throughout the waxing moon cycle for 15 days.

The seeds that you plant in the meditation grow into what you’d like and get attracted into your life as the moon increases in size.

Now sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for about 20 minutes or so.

Close your eyes, and relax completely. Take a deep breath – in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth.

Once again. *breathing*

And one more time. Breathe in through your nose, fill your lungs completely. Let your stomach and diaphragm expand, and then slowly and completely breathe out through your mouth.

Now allow yourself to breathe normally again. Don’t try to control your breath. Just relax completely. Focus on your breath. You can focus on the breath going in through your nostrils, down into your lungs. Watch your stomach expand and then the breath coming out.

Bring your focus to your stomach now. Gently observe as it moves up and down with each breath

Now bring your focus to your chest area, and watch as it gently moves with each breath.

Now move to your shoulders, and observe the subtle movement of the shoulders as you breathe. Feel the calm, quiet, centred feeling settle over you completely.

Now picture yourself at the edge of a beautiful forest.

There’s a green path, soft and lush with grass, in front of you. Inviting you to walk on it. It is absolutely safe You‘re protected as you walk on this path.

Notice your feet, and if you’re barefoot feel the soft grass under you. Your feet are absolutely safe and protected.

Listen to the sounds of the birds, the bees, the squirrels and other woodland creatures moving around the forest.

It’s early evening. The sun is about to set, and all the birds, the animals, the insects and all the creatures of the forest are getting ready to retire, for the night. And all the evening animals and the birds are ready to wake up and start their life.

You are one among many of these creatures, you belong here. You feel safe and calm and peaceful. Right at home in this lush green forest.

Keep walking down the path. Notice what’s all around you. The beautiful colours, the shadows, the soothing sounds, and the cool breeze blowing all around you.

Feel the breeze on your face, your hair. On your clothes. Gently moving.

You feel a deep sense of gratitude for this peaceful, loving place. Feel thankful for this lush nature all around you. And the gratitude to this forest for welcoming you as its own.

Now in the distance, you can hear a crackling sound. Gentle crackling sound of a campfire.

As you keep walking towards it, you can hear voices of people talking and laughing. And the sounds of celebration.

As you walk towards these sounds, and these joyful, laughing people, you realize that they are all the people that you love. Your friends and family, your loved ones, your co workers. People from this realm and people who have moved on to another realm. Everybody in your life who has been of significance to you, whom you love.

All these people who bring you joy, and all these people who love you, among them are all your angels, guides. All the higher spirits who always guide and protect you through life.

As you walk towards them, you feel such joy and love overflowing from inside you. Smile at them as they welcome you into their midst with so much love.

They Invite you near the campfire and give you a nice warm place to sit on. There’s lots of fresh fruits, colorful vegetables, delicious foods. All of it waiting. These people are sharing the food with you.

You realise that today, everyone’s gathered here to celebrate you. You are the reason for this joyful gathering. Today’s the day, your biggest, wildest, most wonderful dreams have come true.

The joy, the gratitude that you feel in your heart as you count out these blessings and these dreams are boundless.

What is it that you have achieved? Whom have you attracted into your life? What kind of abundance and growth has filled you today? Every single thing that you have wanted, and much more, has come true.

Take a moment to look into the fire. And at all the people around you. All these people who celebrate with you, who are celebrating your success. And they feel so happy for you.

Sit down, and in your mind, make a list of all these things that have come true. All these things you have manifested into your life.

That perfect job, or successful business. Or even a peaceful retirement. The abundance of riches, that make, an easy and joyful, peaceful life possible for you. The amazing loving people who have come into your life to support you and cherish you.

What is it that you have wanted all along, and has finally reached you? Think of all these things.

And as you relish the delicious food, and the laughter and smiles around you, and all these wonderful people who surround you, feel a deep sense of gratitude.

You can barely believe that this has actually happened. But yes, it’s there and it has. And it’s come to you, so easily so smoothly.

You have asked the universe with a deep faith and belief, and you have attracted it into your life.

Sit there, watching the fire, listening to the sounds, and look up into the sky.

It’s a beautiful night sky full of stars. There’s no moon in sight.

Remember that these were the stars you made a wish upon. And the moon that isn’t there, the new moon. Remember that you asked them for what you’d like. And now you have received.

Feel the sense of joy, gratitude love, accomplishment and peace. Feel the power of the success and the magic of the universe upon you.

And now that you’ve achieved everything you’ve asked for, think of what next? What more would you like? Because this life is beautiful buffet. An adventure for you to pick and choose from. It’s easy to attract whatever you want into your life.

Ask the Stars for what you want, already knowing in your heart, that it is yours.

Feel the gratitude of receiving everything. And with this beautiful, grateful, joyful feeling, float back into the room. Be back where you are.

Feel the spark of joy and love. This beautiful magic inside you. Carry it with you as you go about your day, and the rest of the days.

As you return, take a few deep breaths once again. Wriggle your fingers and your toes. Rub your palms together. *rubbing* And Place them over your face.

Feel the warmth and the love. Gently cup your eyes. Rub your face, ears, neck, and your whole body. Gently, with a lot of love and care.

Take your own sweet time. Any part of your body where you feel you need more love, let your hands linger there. And gently massage it and fill it with love.

Place your palms on your heart and take one last deep breath. *breathing*

And as you relax your hands, gently, open your eyes.

Thank you for meditating with me today on The Feel Good Factor. I’m Susmitha Veganosaurus, and I’m really looking forward to talking to you again soon. Bye.

Transcribed by Otter.