It is Safe to be Loving and Kind: Full Moon Meditation – Episode 70

Photo of stuffed teddy and chimp cuddling each other. Text: The feel good factor episode 70. It is safe to be loving and kind. Full moon meditation.

Kindness is our default setting. But past experiences can make us afraid to be kind and loving. Let’s use the energy of the full moon to release and cleanse away all these fears. This meditation takes us back to our natural state of loving freely and abundantly.

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“Love and kindness are the ultimate truth. They are divine and uplifting. Kindness is your true nature. Let this beautiful love, flow through you and out from you. Breaking away and washing away any remnants of the wall that you’d put up.”

Susmitha Veganosaurus – The Feel Good Factor Podcast

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Transcript: Full Moon Meditation, It is Safe to be Loving and Kind

Close your eyes. Sit or lie down comfortably. Make yourself completely comfortable and just relax. Take a deep breath in, hold, and exhale. One more time, breathe in deep, hold for a few seconds, and let it all out completely. One last time, take a deep breath in, release.

Now allow your breath to become normal. Don’t try to control it, just let it go on naturally, and observe your breath. Observe it as it goes in and out. In through your nose, down your wind pipe filling up your lungs. Watch your chest, your diaphragm, your stomach expand as the air fills you.

And as you breathe out, watch as everything contracts. The air moves up, up, and out through your nostrils. Just watch your breath. Bring your attention to your nose and observe how it’s cool when the air goes in, and how the air that comes out of you warms it up. Cool breath in, warm breath out.

Now picture yourself sitting on lush green grass. It’s late in the evening, the twilight hour. The sun has already set.

Sitting on this grass and looking far into the horizon, as the sky gently changes its colour, and becomes darker and darker. There’s a gentle breeze around you. Listen to the leaves, the branches, all of nature around you rustling as the breeze blows through them. It is absolutely peaceful here. There’s just you and nature. Beautiful, safe, gorgeous nature.

The sky has filled up with so many stars. Everywhere you look, they’re shining brightly, twinkling away. It’s so magical! Now in the distance you see the moon starts to rise.

It’s a luscious, golden full moon that’s gently rising up and up into the sky, filling all your surroundings with its beautiful, soft light.

Everything around you appears even more magical as the rays of the moon fall everywhere. Now the gentle moon rays are falling on you too, and you’re completely lit up by them. This beautiful, silvery gold, glowing light just flowing over you, filling you up completely with its powerful magic. Just sit there and experience this magic, this beautiful glow, for a few moments.

Know that whatever you need to let go, you can safely release it now. The healing light of the moon will completely cleanse it away safely from your life.

Think of your deepest fears, anything that stops you from being your most loving, kind, highest self. Think of all the pain, all the situations and incidents from your past which have filled you with fear, which have made you hard, which have made you build walls to protect yourself around your feelings, around your heart.

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out. And as you breathe out, surrender these fears, these experiences to the moon.

Thank them for the lessons that they have taught you. But let these fears know that they’re not useful in your life anymore. “Thank you for protecting me, but I don’t need you to protect me anymore.” Say this with great love and gratitude to these fears, to these lessons, and then just release them to the moon.

Feel the rays of the moon washing you inside out. Filling up every cell, every atom of your being, with its powerful healing light, and washing away all that is not useful for you anymore. Light transmutes these fears into positive beautiful energy, and as you let go in trust, you are filled only with love. The beautiful, magical, healing, protective energy of love. There’s only love, only love, and only love.

Love and kindness are the ultimate truth. They are divine and uplifting. Kindness is your true nature. Let this beautiful love flow through you, and out from you, breaking away and washing away any remnants of the wall that you had put up. Open your heart wide, and let this beautiful, divine love flow through you.

Know that as long as you choose to love, as long as you choose to be kind, you are always safe and protected.

And above all else, you are kind and loving towards yourself. You love yourself most of all. You are gentle and kind with yourself most of all. And when you do this, nothing else matters because you always have love, always have kindness with you.

Feel the beautiful, flowing energy of the moon inside each and every cell of your being. Feel the vibrations as they lift you higher and higher. You are so full of love that nothing but love can touch you, nothing but the highest, divine energy can touch you.

Now repeat this affirmation:

“It is safe to be loving and kind. It is safe to be loving and kind. It is safe to be loving and kind.”
“I am love and only love is real. I am love and only love is real. I am love and only in is real.”
“I feel secure and protected in this divine state of love. I feel secure, protected in this divine state of love. I am always secure, safe and protected in this divine state of love.”

Now sit for a while allowing this beautiful feeling flow through you. Watch the stars and the moon, feel the gratitude overflowing from your heart. Now send a beautiful, powerful beam of love and thankfulness straight from your heart to the moon. Thank her for this beautiful energy that she has filled you with. Thank her for taking away all that is not required anymore.

And with trust and humility, know that no matter what, you are always loved because you are love.

Now it’s time to come back. Take a deep breath in and release it completely. Just bring your attention back to the room. Listen to the sounds around you. What’s the temperature like on your skin? What aromas are there in the room?

Wiggle your fingers and your toes. Rub your palms together, and place them gently over your eyes. And as you move your palms away, blink and open your eyes. Thank you.

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