Writing as a Spiritual Practice – 5 Simple Exercises – Episode 137

"Left image: Open notebook with pens on a folded blanket on the corner of a bed. Open window in the background. Right text: Writing is one of the most powerful spiritual tools at our disposal! Read about five simple and incredible writing practices below"

Did you hate writing as a kid? I did! I absolutely loathed it. It was such a painful thing to do.

I was always the last in my class to finish taking notes. I remember this one time in fifth standard when our class teacher punished the whole damn class because I wrote slowly. She said everyone had to stand up and stay standing until I finished copying down all the information she’d written on the black board. Yeah, I was a verrrrry popular kid that day among my classmates and their aching legs. 😂

Anyway, we’ll dig into the old fashioned schooling system and its cruelties some other time. This episode is all about how writing can actually be enjoyable, and also a very powerful spiritual tool in our daily lives.

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Though I considered writing my enemy throughout my schooling years, somewhere on the way into adulthood there was a shift in my mindset. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Perhaps it was because I didn’t have to write anymore?

When it became a choice, I actually began to see its beauty. Now writing is life! ✍🏻 I crave to put pen to paper. There’s something magical about disconnecting from all electronics and scribbling things down the old fashioned way.

Writing is one of the most easily accessible spiritual tools at our disposal!

I’m sharing five incredibly effective spiritual writing practices that are a part of my life. The last exercise on the list is my favourite one. 📝💌😉

1. Journaling

Journaling is a great mental and emotional de-cluttering practice. Narrating stories from your life often brings out an alternate perspective to the experiences. Freely writing down thoughts and feelings without censorship or judgement can be extremely cathartic.

2. Gratitude List

Gratitude carries very high vibe energy. It shifts your focus and instantly picks you up. From the tiniest to the biggest things in your life, write down what you’re thankful for. Then read the list to feel uplifted.

3. Manifestation

Visualising your ideal life and writing about it as if it’s already happening, with feeling, makes you absolutely magnetic to your desires and brings them into your reality. You’ve already achieved whatever you want, now what does your life look like? Describe little moments in detail, with an emphasis on the wonderful emotions you’re experiencing. The key is in feeling those feelings as you write and read your visualisations.

4. Clarity

Our brains are constantly inundated with thoughts, ideas and inspiration. Allow them to flow onto paper in the form of intention lists, structured plans, and mind maps. Getting them out of your brain unburdens you, and breathes life into those ideas. You can get clear about what you want to pursue and break it down into achievable, bite sized tasks. An excellent way to cut down stress and overwhelm.

5. Self-Love

You know the one I was telling you about, my favourite? Self-love!

Positive affirmations, listing your achievements, encouraging phrases… There are so many powerful ways to experience self-love through writing. Writing love letters to yourself is a super fun, purely joyful activity! Address yourself with sweet phrases of affection. What words would you use while speaking to someone very dear to you? Write your letters to yourself that way.

These five practices have kept me sane and happy through many difficult times. They’ve helped me release stress, get deeply familiar with my inner thoughts, be kind and loving towards myself, and so much more.

Do you enjoy writing too? If not, give it a shot!

Actual writing, okay? Pen and paper writing. Not just typing on the computer.

There’s the difference there. The part of your brain that gets used when you’re writing, physically writing, holding a pen and scribbling on paper, that part is different from the part that gets used when you’re typing things out.

So the way the words, the thoughts, everything…the way they all flow is very different in each experience. Both have a place, both have value, but particularly when you’re doing writing for spiritual reasons, for well-being reasons, cleansing yourself, manifestation, showing yourself love, all these things…for this when you do writing, do it by writing it out.

Keep a notebook just for this. One or two notebooks. Get some nice colourful pens and use those to write alternately to make it interesting. Or if nothing else, just do it on different sheets or scraps of paper, and then keep them all. Collect them.

Start small, do just a few lines each day, and go from there. It’ll totally change your life!

"In what ways do you harness the magic of writing in your life?"

Do you harness the magic of writing in your life in some other way? I’d love to know about it.

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