Meditation: Releasing Blocks to Manifest Your Greatest Desires – Episode 34

Through the guided imagery in this meditation practice, you will identify blocks to manifestation, and melt them away. Gently, powerfully and with love.

Meditation: Activating Your Energy Protection Shield – Episode 12

A quick guided meditation for protection. Visualise and create a powerful shield of light around your energy field before you expose yourself to any low vibe environment.

Super Joyful Morning Intention Meditation – Episode 02

The best time to listen to it is first thing in the morning. As soon as you wake up, before you get out of bed. But if you need a burst of happy energy at any point during the day, this meditation can be practiced then too.

Introduction: The Feel Good Factor Podcast with Susmitha Veganosaurus – Episode 01

Welcome to the first episode of The Feel Good Factor. My name is Susmitha Veganosaurus, and this is a podcast about finding things that trigger good feelings, and pursuing them.